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  1. Leo says:

    Hey there. Thanks for the great guide. I have successfully been verified by paypal. THANK YOU!!!!

    1. beepinoy says:

      You’re very much welcome! Glad this guide helped you. Congratulations on being a Paypal Verified member!

      Happy Earnings!

  2. Neil says:

    Great post.

    I have a paypal account and couldn’t verify it because I don’t have a credit card (have no plans of having one)..Then I heard of the UnionBank’s EON. Got to apply for this account today…


  3. beepinoy says:

    You’re welcome Neil!

    Unionbank’s EON account is one of the best banking accounts out there, very flexible.

    I’ll have a new post about it soon. πŸ˜€

    Drop by again, thanks

  4. azizo says:

    how i get my paypal cobe ?

    new 10 days i don’t see in my email any email from paypal to code ?

  5. beepinoy says:


    Do you mean Paypal ‘code’? The EXPUSE number?

    I’m assuming you already have a credit card and done Steps number 1 and 2 of the verification process above.

    As stated in Step Number 3, your Paypal 4-digit code will appear in your credit card’s monthly bill statement like the one described at the image above.

    It will not be sent to you by any form of email.

    Hope this helps, drop by again.

  6. azizo says:

    Hello beepinoy…. thanks

    But the PayPal not send to me any email to PayPal code but I need to get PayPal code?

    And PayPal sent to me this

    ((((You can get the code quickly if you have online access to your debit or credit card statement. Keep in mind that it takes a few business days for the charge to appear.* If you do not have online access to your card statement, please wait to receive your statement in the mail. Your 4-digit PayPal code is printed next to the word “PayPal” in the item description section of your statement.))))

    And what mean in (your statement)? I mast to get my PayPal code from my bank r what please MR.beepinoy help me

  7. beepinoy says:


    To be a Verified Paypal member, you need to have your own Credit Card to verify your Paypal account. Did you use your credit card for verification and followed Steps # 1,2 and 3 correctly?

    If you have a credit card, you will receive a Monthly Credit Card Statement from your bank to pay your bills. This is what Paypal means of “your statement”.
    (Kung may credit card ka, papadalhan ka ng Papel na naglalaman ng mga dapat mong bayaran sa credit card mo mula sa bangko mo. Ang ibig sabihin ng Paypal sa “your statement” ay ang Credit Card Satement mo mula sa bangko mo kada buwan.)

    If you have a credit card, you will receive this statement monthly from your bank.
    (Ipapadala sa’yo ng bangko mo ang papel na naglalaman ng dapat mong bayaran kada buwan.)

    Paypal will NOT send your Paypal code in your email.
    (Hindi isesend ng Paypal ang code sa email mo.)

    Your Paypal code will appear in your CREDIT CARD MONTHLY STATEMENT. Check your Credit Card Statement that is being mailed to you by your bank monthly.
    (Ang Paypal code mo ay makikita mo sa CREDIT CARD MONTHLY STATEMENT, ito ay “sulat” na pinapadala sa’yo ng bangko mo kada buwan.)

    Hope this clarifies your questions. Thanks for visiting πŸ˜€

  8. azizo says:

    Hello beepinoy…. Thanks
    Okay can I call my bank to get the PayPal code??
    And I sent to my bank (((I register with PayPal and PayPal sent to credit card statement 4 code and I need this code and please help me)))?

  9. beepinoy says:


    Check your Credit Card Monthly statement for your code.

  10. karen says:

    I have a new EON card. When I tried adding it to my PayPal, it says:

    This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department.

    Question: Should my card be first loaded with funds before PayPal acknowledge it?

    Thanks for your help.

    1. beepinoy says:

      You must add funds equivalent to $1.95 (around 100 pesos) to your EON card first because EON card is a debit card. You cannot use EON if it doesn’t have any balance.

      After loading your EON, Paypal verification will be easy.

  11. PJ says:

    hei beepinoy! thanks a lot!

    this site is helping me a lot!

    i have a verified paypal account now and your blog was instrumental with it!

    thanks a lot!

    1. beepinoy says:

      You’re welcome PJ.

      Congratulations for your verified Paypal account! πŸ˜€

  12. hazel says:

    Hello there! Just wanna ask, I’ve already verified my paypal account but the $1.95 charge on my EON account was not lifted yet. In your experience ba, how many hours did it take for paypal to refund the said amount? Last Monday ko pa na-verify yung account ko and yet, until now, 400php pa rin balance ko instead na P500. Thanks.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Paypal will return the $1.95 in your Paypal account instantly when you are verified. It will not go in your EON account. Check your Paypal account, it’s there.

      1. hazel says:

        hmm..parang wala namang nawala sa paypal balance ko..pagka-verify ko nung account ko,ung EON ang nakunan ng balance..bakit kaya ganun?pasensya na..la lang kasi ibang mapagtanungan..100 rin kasi nawala sa account ko..kala ko dun kinunan pagka-verify ko ng paypal…

        1. beepinoy says:

          Hindi tayo nagkakaintindihan ehehehe.

          Pag nagverify ka ng Paypal mo, kukuha ang Paypal ng $1.95 (or around 100 pesos) sa EON mo to make sure na legitimate person ka then ipapadala sayo EXPUSE number mo.

          Pag nainput mo na ang EXPUSE sa Paypal account mo at naverify ka na, ibabalik ng Paypal ang 100 pesos mo sa Paypal balance mo hindi sa EON cyber account mo kaya 400 pesos pa rin nasa EON mo.

          Log-in ka sa Paypal mo at hanapin mo yung transaction na and title ay “Bonus from Paypal”. Meron ka na ngayong $1.95 na pera sa Paypal account mo. πŸ™‚

          1. hazel says:

            huhu..wala talagang bonus from paypal na transaction..tnx anyway..hehe..asan na kaya ung $1.95 ko..hehe

            1. beepinoy says:

              San mo chinek? Sa Paypal account mo o sa EON mo?

              Kung talagang hindi mo mahanap or sa tingin mo wala silang pinadala, Contact Paypal, fast responding ang support group nila. Baka may error lang or something.

              1. hazel says:

                sa paypal ko chinek..cge2..salamat..i’ll send them message nlng siguro..thanks again..:)

  13. willy says:

    Hi, I have applied for the EON card (I suppose it is VISA electron in the choices, it that right?) last week and so I don’t have it yet. I remember when applying that I supplied 2 address – one is the home address and the other is the office address. I designated my office address as the “mailing” address. I would like to inquire here then what I should enter in PayPal for the billing address. Before I leave, I asked the teller what would be the billing address and she said it would be the home address but then she may not have seen that I designated office address as the mailing address. What do you think should I use? How can I really be sure what I will use as the billing address in PayPal? I would like to avoid penalties of denied transactions hence this question. Hope I made myself clear. Thanks in advance.

    1. beepinoy says:

      This reply is a little bit late.

      It’s already been a few weeks since you applied for an EON card, have you already received it? Also, have you activated your EON Cyber Account?

      1. willy says:

        Got my card Dec 18. Prior to that, I had my PayPal account verified with SmartMoney MasterCard without an issue. Had also verified with the EON easily. Thanks anyway, the info on this site helped a lot in the successful account verification.

  14. seller says:

    Hi azizo,

    I’ve read your conversation with beepinoy, I am in the same situation where you are. I need to have my credit card verified badly ‘coz I am using it for paying my suppliers. After using it once, I can no longer pay using it because of the verification process.
    I was thinking that the verification code will be sent via email and or as a statement/bill 3 days after I made the payment.
    Upon reading beepinoy’s replies to your queries, I now understand that the code will be sent together with credit card’s monthly bill.

    my solution:
    Use another credit card to pay my suppliers while waiting for the verification code. I think it’s worth the wait since PayPal is the safest way in paying my suppliers without getting hacked.. πŸ™‚

    Thanks beepinoy.. This post is of great help… πŸ™‚

  15. jasferatus says:

    Hi. may mga tanong lang ako tungkol sa paggamit ng paypal para mag purchase online tulad sa amazon, macy’s, etc.

    May service charge ba ang Paypal at Unionbank kapag nagpurchase online?

    Magkano yung service fee for exchange rate service ng paypal?

    First time ko kasi bibili online, kaya gusto ko lang malaman kung may iba pang mga charges. Salamat.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Kung may laman ng funds ang Paypal mo, usually wala naman ibang charges.

      Pero kung exchange rates na ang pag-uusapan, for example PHP to USD, iba kase ang exchange rates ng Paypal compared sa actual local banks. Medyo mababa ng konti. Dun kumikita ang Paypal.

      Hindi ko maidedetail sa’yo ang every fees kasi nag-iiba ito from time to time. Pero kung gusto mo malaman, meron namang “Fees” link sa may footer part ng Paypal website, andun yung updated fees.

      Hope this helps. πŸ™‚

  16. Rafeeq says:

    after verification and getting 1.95 balance in my paypal account, can i use this balance for payments through paypal?

    1. beepinoy says:

      Yes, you can use that 1.95 balance.

  17. reji says:

    is it ok if i made an eon online account and added a credit card on paypal simultaneously?
    i have to wait kasi for 2 business days for the online account to be activated and 2 days also for paypal to send the expuse number to my online account that’s why i decided na gawin ko sabay.
    the moment my eon online account is already activated, nandun na kaya ang expuse number?

    1. beepinoy says:

      Most likely, you will not receive your EXPUSE online because your EON online account is not yet activated.

      Better wait for your EON cyber account to be activated first then link it to your Paypal account para sigurado.

  18. angelo says:

    tan0ng ko lang p0 pede ba padalhan ang eon card ng pera kase gusto ko sana hihingi ako ng pera sa ate ko ng 150pesos tap0s padala nalang nya sa eon account ko eh pede ba yun

    1. beepinoy says:

      Pwede naman ang bank to bank transfer. Kelangan lang alam ng ate mo kung papano magtransfer from bank nya papunta sa EON mo.

      Or pwede pumunta na lang ang ate mo directly sa kahit saang Unionbank branch at magdeposit sa Account Number ng EON card mo.

  19. jhackie says:


    I like to ask if do i need to deposit monthly on my Unionbank EON Visa card to not get close it??

    hope u can answer me thanks po πŸ™‚

    1. beepinoy says:

      There is no maintaining balance in EON so you don’t have to deposit monthly but make sure to have an activity once in a while to avoid being charged of INACTIVITY fee (no transaction for 1 year) or DORMANCY fee (no transaction for 2 years). Refer to the fees here.

  20. hommer says:

    Me and reji had the same scenario,

    I already link my EON card to paypal, however i cant view my EXPUSE online because my EON card is not yet activated online.

    Our Query was,the moment OUR EON online account is already activated, are we able to view our previous history?
    We fear that maybe the EXPUSE will not appear kasi we link it to paypal and charge us 100php before the EON online activation..

    1. beepinoy says:

      In my opinion, it might not appear in your online account if you linked it first before the activation of your EON online account.

      If this happens and you got charged but haven’t received the EXPUSE, better contact Unionbank support directly for assistance.

  21. Rhea says:

    Bakit ako may Php100 yung EON ko pero hindi ko pa rin maverify paypal ko? Kapag click ko yung Continue button sabi ng paypal:

    “We were unable to verify this credit card. Please check if the information you entered is correct. If the problem persists, please try to enter a different credit card.”

    Pero tama naman lahat ng info ng card ko, I even do triple check and still ni hindi ako makapag-Continue. At kapag check ko yung EON online banking ko nababawasan yung pera pero ni hindi ako makaverify. Sana magkaroon ng ibang payment gateway na mas convenient ang verification process. I do not recommend this paypal.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Pag ganito na yung problem with your Paypal account, you should contact Paypal directly through their Help link.

      They will gladly help you regarding your verification issues.

      Hope your problem get fixed soon. πŸ™‚

  22. Edmon says:

    Sir ask ko lang, nung nagpa-verify ako ng paypal account ko gmit ang smart money, ndi lng 100 ang binawas sa wallet ko. una e2 ung message

    “Approval of Php44.47 purchase at PAYPAL Merchant from card xxxx Avail Bal: 405.53”

    pero wla lumabas na code. nung click ko uli para makakuha ako ng code ang message

    “Approval of Php100.00 purchase at PP*xxxxCODE Merchant from card xxxx Avail Bal: Php305.53”

    tpos nung check ko ung verified na ung account ko, nandun n ung Php100, san napunta ung Php44.47?

    1. beepinoy says:

      Hindi ko nasubukan ang Smart Money to verify my Paypal.

      Sa tingin ko e yung P44.47 ay fee para ma-unlock ang Smart Money card para mapakapag transact online. Not sure about it pero tingin ko fee yun.

  23. kalay says:

    hi there,
    nakuha ko na EON card ko last week. loaded na rin siya. nakapag register na rin ako sa cyber account ng union bank kanina lang. so pwede ko na ba ma verify ang paypal account ko? or still have to wait for 4 days? kasi kanina lang ako nkpag enroll sa cyber account.. thanks

    1. beepinoy says:

      Better wait for your cyber account to be activated first.

      Kasi kapag nag-verify ka na ngayon, malaki ang chance na hindi mo mareceive and ipapadala ng Paypal na EXPUSE number mo dahil hindi pa activated ang cyber account mo.

  24. Jacklynne says:

    Hi ask ko lang po sana pano ako magdeposit sa paypal ko ng 1.99? San dun ung iciclick ko? Ang nakikita ko lang kasi is the withdraw thingy eh.. Thanks!

    1. beepinoy says:

      If you used a credit card to verify your Paypal, you don’t have to deposit anything.

      But if you used EON debit card, make sure to deposit at least 100 pesos to your EON first as noted on the above’s “Step 2”.

  25. Jacklynne says:

    Hi po! Nakuha ko na po EON ko, nung vineverify ko, ang sabi “This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer’s customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card.” Help naman po.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Activated na ba ang EON card mo and napalitan mo na yung PIN?

      Then, Nakapagenroll ka na ba ng cyber account at activated na rin ba ito?

      And after that, nakapagdeposit ka na ba ng around 100 pesos sa EON card mo para may makuha ang Paypal for verification?

      Plus, yung details mo ba gaya ng account name and card number ay tamang na-input?

      Baka may namissed out ka na step o nag-skip.

      1. Jacklynne says:

        Okay na po pla. Nagkamali kasi ng lagay ng address yung branch. Kainis lang. Pero, ok na. Verified na po ako πŸ™‚ Salamat! Uhmm, ask ko lang pde po ba na dollars ang iwithdraw ko from paypal to eon ko, napakababa po kasi ng conversion ng paypal ng dollars to peso eh, balak ko sana, dollars nlang iwithdraw ko at ung bank nla magconvert, mas mataas pa rate. Pde kaya po un? any suggestion? thanks beepinoy!

        1. beepinoy says:

          Good thing at verified na Paypal account mo. πŸ™‚ Woohoo!

          Yun namang sa pagwiwithdraw, naitanong ko na dati sa Paypal support yun.

          Since ang local currency ng mga banks dito sa Philippines ay Peso, yun ang nasusunod. Unfortunately, talagang macoconvert yung Paypal dollar funds mo using their own currency converter.

          Medyo mababa nga lang sa actual rates. Ok na rin yun, ganon talaga.

          Mukang maganda ang online work natin jan ah, lakas ata ng kita mo, pa-burger ka naman hehehe. πŸ˜€

          1. Jacklynne says:

            Hahahaha! Kaloka naman at napaka-heartbreaking <///3. Parang wala din ako kinita. Daya ng paypal oh! πŸ™ Okay na din, to a 16 years old, tama na kita ko. Wait ko na lang sahod ko next week, makakabili na ako ng laptop. Hehe, ako na! Ako na talaga πŸ™‚ Sige, akin na shipping address mo, papa-LBC ko ang burjer πŸ™‚

            1. beepinoy says:

              Naks laptop, kala ko naman house and lot na e. πŸ™‚

              Ang special na burger naman nun, naka-LBC pa. O sige, ako na nga lang magpapaburger. πŸ˜€

              1. Jacklynne says:

                Saka na yun.. May bahay naman na kami. Kotse muna. πŸ™‚ Buti nakakasabay ka sa greediness ng paypal.. Hmm, may fb ka?

                1. beepinoy says:

                  Nakakatulong na rin na EON account ang ginagamit ko sa pagwiwithdraw, hindi kase sila nagchacharge ng EFT fee. Sa ibang banko kase mga 300 pesos yung EFT fee.

                  Unfortunately, I don’t have a fb account.

  26. Kai says:


    Just got my EON card today πŸ˜€ I just registered at the EON Cyber Account this afternoon, can I verify my account now or do I have to wait 48 hrs. until I can login on my Cyber Acct.?

    1. beepinoy says:

      Make sure that your Cyber Account is already activated before verifying you Paypal account. πŸ™‚

  27. letournelado says:

    OMG! It’s like you understand my mind! You seem to know so much about this, just like you wrote the book in it or something. I think that you could do with some pics to drive the message home a bit, besides that, this is great blog. A outstanding read.

  28. Liana Langton says:

    Aw, this was a really nice post. In thought I would like to put in writing like this moreover – taking time and actual effort to make an excellent article… however what can I say… I procrastinate alot and certainly not seem to get something done.

  29. Kirk says:

    Ok lang po ba na premier ung acct. n pinili ko?hnd po b malaki ang charge ng paypal pag gnun?Thanks

  30. Mavie says:

    Hi. Good day! I already have my eon card and I can also log-in to my cyber account in unionbank bank but every time I try to get verified by paypal, it’s always denied. Why is that? What can I do?

  31. jona dupitas says:

    Hello po. I am new to this paypal transaction and I was reviewing the status of my withdrawal from my account. After reading your articles I found out that I made a mistake. first is the bank name I inputted UNIONBANK however I put the correct bank code. second I inputed the wrong account number when I checked my bank account the images says X-9428 which was the last four numbers of the 16-digit card number. I already withdraw money which is due on august 7, having read your articles I know it will get rejected and deducted. So I tried again today true enough when I checked my bank account the last digits were different from the primary one. but I entered unionbank as the name. will it get rejected again? this is so depressing.

  32. Joy says:

    hay naku, sakit sa ulo ang process ko sa paypal. at first, my husband send me money via paypal as i had already my email address. Then i sign in paypal account, I thought BDO is working via paypal. I went to my bank and change address as paypal said my address is not match to my bank address. I went 2 times in bank. I sent email to paypal customer service and what bank is the best for paypal and they required me to use Eon VIsa Card from Unionbank. It was really horrible as i have to travel 1 hour from home to bank. Next day i went to Unionbank and i brought my 3 valid card for identification and i have lost one requirement as they need TIN number or SSS number. I dont remember my SSS number so i went to SSS to get my number and was in the queue for 1 hour then finally went back to Unionbank. I get the card after that day. I check online to link the EON card but still not working , i called the bank; why? so seems they didnt activated yet and i wait for 1 hour. Then i check online again, but still not working then i called back and they said i have to deposit to activated the account grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. why they didnt tell be before. Next day i went again to the bank to deposit amount. And checking online if its working to transfer my paypal balance to bank account but grrrrrr i still have to wait few days to get the paypal code not few days but 30 days…….. that sucks. I am hurry to get the cash as i need it asap. I process it already 10 days. huh! i hope i get in 3 days (paypal code) if possible to call the bank and to ask the paypal code?

    1. jor says:

      madali lang yan sis…ako nga kumuha ng eon atm sa unionbank pag add ko ng verified fill up ako doon in 1 hour lang cntct lang ako sa office nila hingi ako ng 4 code paypal doon ibigay nila sayu..para ma verified pp muh….

  33. vincent says:

    what if my deposit or balance to my debit card is not enough for the charge to verified my paypal account?…

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