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Triplejack is a flash based online poker game wherein you get to play for free (no entry fees), compete with other players worldwide and make friends. Note that it is not a gambling website. This site is a very family friendly site. The admins here are supportive and helpful. This is one of my favorite online games because I love poker!

You’ll have FREE chips, get to play No-Limit and Omaha Poker and enjoy some cool features such as changing your avatar, chat feature, buy-in for free whenever you ran out of chips, throw a bomb to your opponent after winning a hand and be able to play in Prize Tournaments where you can win real prizes. More features are available to Power Players.

Power Players are those Triplejack members who either upgraded their accounts through subscription or by winning Prize Tournaments such as the Free Power Player Tournament and the Legendary Tournament called “Pluck The Chicken”. Subscription is available in 1-month, 6-month or even 1 year at very low prices and you get to enjoy a LOT of features such as;

  • Bigger Prizes like… Laptops! wooah! COOL!
  • Play Style, see how your opponents play from their statistics
  • Friends List, locate your friends (are they logged-in?, what room?)
  • More Custom Avatars, more choices, style your poker face
  • Yelling, can even yell outside your room or let the dealer talk
  • More Bombs, more ammo, more types, more fun bombing!
  • Medals, show-off your achievements through these bling bling
  • Profile, add pictures and use it as your customized flag
  • Flags, display your country or your picture
  • More Power Player Commands
  • Play in “Level Up” Tournaments
  • Create or Join a Clan

More details on Power Player Features at Triplejack’s Game Info section.

beepinoy tjsuns1_400

ALL IN!!! Action, TJ Suns Style! Click image to ZOOM

I first played this online game way back in 2006. Now, I can say that the site grew a lot. It offers more features, fun experiences and competitions. Also, there are lots of prices now unlike before. Still, I enjoyed playing this game until today.

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  1. Amber says:

    Hey – whats up. Thanks a bunch for the blog. I’ve been digging around looking some info, but there is so much out there. Google lead me here – good for you i suppose! Keep up the great information. I will be coming back in a couple of days to see if there is any more info.

  2. Sarah Little says:

    liked this post!

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