Paid Outsourced Services

Are you an I.T. graduate or certified, or a person who knows a lot about computers, web design or programming? Are you a great technical writer or have an eye on graphic designing? Or are you a 3d Modeler/CAD specialist? Freelancers rejoice!

Also to Contractors out there, are you searching for the best quality computer based services for your company? Are you searching for qualified freelancers to complete your projects at a very reasonable price? Don’t fret!

Whether you’re a Freelancer or a Contractor, you can find what you are looking for at Paid Outsourced Service companies. Here’s a summary of the most likely scope of work that Freelancers and Contractors are looking for;

  • Web Development – Web Design, Web Programming, Web Applications, E-commerce, Streaming Media, User Interface Design, Marketing (SEO, SEM), Website QA, Website Project Management
  • Writing – Technical Writing, Website Content, Business Plans, Blog/Article Writing, Copywriting/Editing, Translation
  • Audio, Video and Multimedia – Audio Production and Engineering, Video Production and Editing, Voice Talent, Animation
  • Software Development – Desktop Applications, Client-Server Applications, Game Development, Scripts and Utilities, Software Plug-ins, Mobile Applications, Application Interface Design, Software Project Management, Software QA, VOIP
  • Administrative Support – Data Entry, Personal Assistant, Research, Email Response Handling, Accounting/Bookkeeping, Online Order Processing
  • Networking and Information Systems – Networks and Administration, Firewalls and Security, Database Administration (DBA), Server Administration
  • Graphic Arts and Design – Graphic Design, Logo Design, Illustration, Print Design, 3D Modeling/CAD

You can try to apply in companies that provide Paid Outsourced Services like Odesk, RentACoder, ScriptLance and GetAFreelancer. Take note that the job scope listed above is the summary of the jobs offered from these companies. All of these jobs may be on a company or some of the jobs listed are not offered. Make sure to check out the website and its Terms of Service to suit what’s best for your capabilities.

Competition here is tough because your competitors are international. My advice is to focus on your expertise and build a solid reputation, surely clients will follow! Good Luck!

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