Part Time Job, Paid to Answer Surveys

Real time Paid to Answer Survey, hmmm…

I experienced that once back in my college days. My sister’s friend works part-time in a product survey company as a referrer, can’t remember the name of the company though. At that time she needs two more people for a product survey so she invited my sister and my sister recommended me to participate. I accepted the offer because I’m not busy that time.

After school, I went there with my sister. We’re about 10 people.

A first, they gave us a short survey form about ourselves and some personal background. After that, another survey form, this time about the product, generally. It’s a short survey not indicating what specific product brand but you’ll know what type of product because of the questions. It’s a survey on bottled mineral water.

Then, question and answer portion. They asked us about our experiences on bottled water. How it taste, how can we differentiate each, bottle design, how popular, most seen where, even the advertising part. Are magazine or newspaper ads better than television ads and how effective are the advertisements.

Real Paid to Answer Survey

On the course of the survey program, we ‘re answering short survey forms once in a while. Don’t worry, we had a break time ehehe! They also asked us to give some suggestions on what to improve.

Before the survey session ended, they revealed the product brand, finally! woot! Because during the session, your mind is somewhat trying to figure out what product brand it is. It starts with the letter “R”, 10 letter word. Just guess ehehehe!

It took us approximately 3 hours to complete the survey session. They gave each one of us a white envelope! When I opened it, a Php 500 bill, crisp and new! Instant Cash! Very easy money considering at that time, it’s about 2.5 times of my daily allowance, in just 3 short hours!

I remembered that some of my friends also got invited in this kind of task. What’s there product? Guess what? Antiperspirant and deodorant nyahahahahaha! I heard that the survey part there is much shorter but they are required to test the product! They got sniffed and smelled by the product analysts to get some information on how the product reacts on different skin types. I think they got into Paid to Test there more than Paid to Answer Survey.

I think they got around Php 600 each from it. Pretty Nice! But still ehehehe!

These types of survey are pretty decent in terms of getting earnings as part-time job. It doesn’t take up much of your time and you earn instantly. The problem is there are only few companies that offer this opportunity and most of the time, they’re on limited slots. So better find some contact person to get some tips and reservation for slots.

Readers, if ever you found a legitimate company that offers this kind of service whether within the Philippines or International. Please feel free to post a comment here so that I can update this post for the benefit of everyone. Thank You very much!

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