Make Money with Paid to Socialize programs

Most of us are members of social networking websites such as Facebook, Myspace, Friendster, etc.. We are fond of profile building and customization, setting up a small blog, posting pictures and videos, finding old friends, adding current ones and inviting new friends. It takes up some of our time everyday. Would it be much more fun if you’re earning while doing the things that you love like social networking?

Now you can! There’s a site called Yuwie, the first social network that PAYS its members to do what they love, socialize! You can setup your profile like you normally do on your other social networks. Customize your profile layout the way you want it, upload pictures, videos or blogs. Invite your current, old and new friends to join your friends list.


You will get a percentage of Yuwie’s advertisements revenue each month that is determined through RSR (Revenue Sharing Rate). Your earnings will depend on how socially active you are on the site. The more updated your profile is, the better. Load some photos, share videos with your friends or even post some blog articles. If your profile is always updated, lots of your friends will always read your profile and they’re also share some thoughts for you.

You can also invite new friends to join and earn bonuses. By having new friends. You both share each others social experiences and therefore earn more. By the way you will need a Paypal or AlertPay accounts here to receive your benefits.

If you are always engaged into social networking sites, you might want try this one. A great way to gain new friends and earn as well.

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