Make Money with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the ways to earn money online. You make money by selling other companies’ products. It involves 3 main parties here. The Merchant, You as Affiliate and the Client.

The Merchant, the owner of the products or services who invites you to be their affiliate. You as the Affiliate, your task is to be the bridge, medium or agent of the products and services offered by the Merchant to potential Clients. The Client, the one who registers, sign-up or purchases the products or services from the Merchant through your affiliate marketing links.

You can be an Affiliate in two ways, either you manually search the internet for a Merchant that accepts affiliate or you can join the companies like LinkShare and Commission Junction. These are the companies that connects Affiliates to a lot of Advertisers or Merchants.

You just have to create a Publisher Affiliate account at LinkShare or Commission Junction, or both. This saves a lot of time because you don’t have to register to each Merchant that you want to market. Then, search the advertisers you want to market, get their link codes and post it in your website or blogs.


In Affiliate Marketing, you earn commission by Pay per Lead and Pay per Sale; Pay per Lead, you earn when someone registers or sign-up for a free account or free trial of products and services through your affiliate links. Pay per Sale, you earn when your previous leads are extended (like Subscription extension) or turned into Clients’ purchase of a product. Pay per Sale is also when someone directly purchases or subscribes from your affiliate links bypassing trial period.

Amazon is a great example of a Pay per Sale company. They combine different Merchants’ products and arrange their products into categories. The good thing about Amazon is you don’t have to apply to a Merchants’ program. You can directly get the links to the products you want to market.

You’re provided with simple customizable tools to fit your website or blogs’ layout. You can create Links and Banners for your website, create your very own aStore where in you can organize your Amazon and Endless products and create product Widgets for your blogs.

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