Fight SPAM Emails using SPAMfighter

In the office, I use Microsoft Outlook Express a lot. Everyday, I noticed that I receive lots of spam emails. My other office mates also noticed this so we informed our I.T. department about it and they fixed it by installing a software called spamfighter.

SPAMfighter is an award winning software that protects your inbox from unwanted spam emails. It is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and works with email clients such as Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Mail and Thunderbird.

A community of more than 6 million users enjoy the benefits of SPAMfighter like Blacklist Protection wherein it blocks SPAM producing domains and emails, Protection from phishing and identity theft, One-click reporting of spam abuse, Free Automatic Updates and Free Support (email and phone) for US, European and Asian users.

Until now, this software is doing great and we always have spam-free mail boxes. No more emails offering medications about this and that. No more emails that send dangerous links. Our mail boxes are completely protected thanks to this tool.

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