AlertPay Personal Account Verification

AlertPay account verification in not necessary to deposit, withdraw or transfer funds. It is mainly used for security and authentication of users.

It is not required but it is highly recommended by AlertPay because in some cases, AlertPay’s security center will ask some members to verify their account when their transaction involves substantial amount.

Also, most of the legitimate and paying websites require their members to be AlertPay verified first before they can register and cash out their earnings from them.

I, myself verified my AlertPay account and I want to share the steps I took to verify it. To become verified, AlertPay will require you to upload scanned copies or send by mail these two documents, one proof of address and one photo identification card. Ensure that all four edges of your documents are visible.

On Photo Identification Card, your photo, name, birth date, expiration date and signature must be clearly visible. Also include the reverse side of the card if any of this information is on the back. This card can be one of the following; Driver’s License, Passport, State ID, Country ID or Medical ID.

On your Proof of Address, your name and address must be shown and be dated within the last 6 months. This document can be one of the following; Utility Bill, Phone Bill, Credit Card Statement or Bank Statement.

To upload the documents in AlertPay;

  1. Log-in to your AlertPay account.
  2. Click on “Become AlertPay Verified”.
  3. Click on “Upload Now”.
  4. Select a document type.
  5. Select a form type.
  6. Upload scanned document.
  7. Repeat steps 2 to 6 for the next document.

To send the documents via mail, send photocopies of your documents and cover letter stating your full name and AlertPay email address to the following address;

  • AlertPay Inc.
  • Attention: Verification Department
  • 5200 Dela Savane, Suite 220 Montreal, Quebec H4P-2m8, Canada

Your documents will be reviewed within 10 days of AlertPay’s receipt. I actually got my account verified in less than 10 days. Just make sure the documents you provide them are clear.


Update: AlertPay is now Payza

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  1. honey says:

    I want to ask that I had made an account on,I do not have a last name but as it is necessary for forming,I write my father’s name in it now my identification card has just my name how can I change it so that no problem becomes for me to withdraw money in future?plz anyone answer.

  2. honey says:

    I want to change my last name in alertpay account how to do it,plz tell

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