Earn $1000 USD from Paypal

Paypal offers a program called Merchant Referral Bonus Program wherein you’re rewarded for bringing new businesses to Paypal.

Every time a new merchant signs up for a Paypal Business or Premier account through your referral links or banners, you’ll be rewarded Merchant Referral Bonus. Your bonus is tied up to your referred merchants’ earnings from their Paypal Website Payment Tools and Send Money.

If you have friends or relatives that love to shop online using their credit cards, invite them to get their Paypal accounts because it’s widely used for online shopping nowadays. It gives them the security and fast service they need without exposing their personal information and credit cards numbers.

Better yet, if you know an online merchant that still isn’t using Paypal for their business, encourage them to apply for a Paypal account. Not only you did helped them increase their business’ security and productivity but also you can earn as much as $1000 from Paypal for referring them.

You will earn 0.5% of your referred merchants’ revenue, up to $1000 USD for the first 12 months of being an active Paypal merchant.

Note: The Merchant Referral Bonus Program rewards only non-eBay merchants meaning payments receipt from eBay sales will not be credited as bonus.

Haven’t earned this yet from Paypal’s program but I’m hoping to earn this bonus from them soon.

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