Make Money with Paid to Share Photos

Paid to Share Photo programs offer its users to earn from their uploaded images based on the number of times the images are viewed by visitors.

ShareAPic belongs to this program and it offers its users $0.22 CPM.

CPM means Cost Per Thousand, the letter “M” in CPM is a Roman Numeral number for thousand. So $0.22 CPM means that you will earn $0.22 when your images accumulated 1000 valid views.

What is considered a Valid View?

An image can be viewed by a unique IP Address only once per day to be considered a valid image view. If the same IP Address viewed the same image again within the day, it’s not anymore credited as another valid view.

Here’s an example. Supposing you have 1 Image Gallery containing 3 images, Image (A), Image (B) and Image (C). Unique IP Address (1) viewed Image (A) in your Gallery, then within the day, IP Address (1) viewed Image (A) again for 5 more times.

The number of valid views credited to your account from IP Address (1) who viewed Image (A) for 6 times is only 1 valid view because the next 5 views occurred on the same day.

This is also the same for Image (B) and (C). If IP Address (1) viewed Image (A) 6 times, Image (B) 10 times and Image (C) 8 times in 1 day, the credited views for IP Address (1) is only 3 valid views.

Don’t worry, IP Address (1) can view the same images again on the next day and your account will be credited another 3 valid views from Images (A), (B) and (C). Your total number of views for two days is 6 valid views from IP Address (1). If IP Address (2) also viewed the 3 images in 2 days, you will be credited an additional 6 views making it a total of 12 valid views for 2 days.

Why is it that an Image can only have 1 credited view from an IP Address per day?

This policy prevents users from cheating their image views. Cheaters will tend to load 1 image over and over again to generate image views but ShareAPic already programmed their system to recognize only 1 valid view of an image from a unique IP Address per day.

You can create image galleries and upload as many images as you want as long as you comply with their TOS (Terms of Service). After uploading the images, you can link them to your social networking sites like Myspace, Facebook, etc., and to your websites or blogs.

Paid to Share Photo program is very easy to do and your images generate money for you. If you have a habit of posting pictures in your social networking sites, websites and blog, this program is right for you. Make sure you have a Paypal account to receive your earnings.

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    Interesting site, I will have to check out some of your other posts.

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