Advantages of having Your Own Domain, Web Hosting Service and Self-Hosted Blog

It depends on your purpose whether having your own website or self-hosted blog is an advantage than having a free website or blog. If you want to make money online, I advise you to have your own.

For those who don’t own a website or a self-hosted blog, it’s very easy to get a domain name and web hosting services nowadays Check out this huge discount on Website hosting plans with FREE domain.

Make sure you have a knowledge on web page creation using certain software or at least basic knowledge on HTML if your planning to set up your website.

For those who want to start blogging, it’s easy to set this up using a third party software offered by All you need to do is tweak and customize its features to suit your needs.

Remember, there are websites that offer free subdomain, free web hosting services or free blogging but the main disadvantage here is you don’t have full control over your your website or blog.

A domain name looks like this;

while a subdomain looks like this;

Free subdomain like looks unprofessional. It’s much better to have, it’s easier to type and looks professional.

Free subdomain tends to be risky, it can be deleted anytime by the owner of the domain name where your subdomain is attached. You can’t stop him because he owns the domain name.

Free web hosting service limits your control on your website especially over YOUR Advertisement placements. They will most likely to require you to paste THEIR Advertising codes in your site since they gave you a free web hosting service. In return, they earn a lot from your website’s traffic through their ads placed on your website and you earn nothing.

Same also for free blogging services, you don’t have full control over your theme, you can’t tweak and customize it as much compared to having your own self-hosted blog, they have control of what you blogged (they can edit or delete it) and they also restrict you from placing your advertisement codes, the result, no earnings for you.

Here’s a summary of the advantages of having your own domain name and web hosting service or your self-hosted blogs;

  • You own your domain name – no one can’t take it away from you unless you don’t renew it or you sell it.
  • A professional look at your domain – free subdomains look very unprofessional, it’s longer and harder to type.
  • You have full control over your site – you have no restrictions in your site’s customization, you can tweak your theme and codes to suit your needs.
  • Your content are yours – once you put your contents on free websites or free blogs, you don’t own your contents anymore, it’s now copyrighted to the free website or blog where you posted it.
  • You can earn from it – you can place your advertisement codes freely. free sites restricts you from placing your own advertisement codes instead they will require you to have their codes on your site.

Owning a domain name and web hosting services for your website or blog is fairly cheap nowadays. Others are even offering free domain names if you purchase one of their web hosting services.

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