Send Money Worldwide via iKobo

iKobo Money Transfer is a quick, easy, safe and affordable way of sending money to your love ones worldwide.

Compared to those slow, old-fashioned money transfer companies that use agents to process your money, iKobo Money Transfer let’s you transfer your money online at the convenience of your computer.

iKobo Money Transfer sends your love ones an iKobo VISA Prepaid Card that means they can withdraw the money you sent at over 1,000,000 ATMs worldwide and also, this card can be used for transactions where VISA is accepted.

My OFW uncle actually uses this method to send money to my cousins here in the Philippines. He told me that it’s very convenient using this method and he avoids the worry and hassles about money remittance. What he did to apply for an account is easy.

He just signed up for a free iKobo account. Logged-in and told iKobo who to send the money by providing the receiver’s mailing address and email address. Then he provided his personal details and entered his credit card information to fund the transfer. Lastly, he entered the amount to send and clicked on “Send Money”.

iKobo then sent a reloadable iKobo VISA Prepaid Card via FedEx to his recipient loaded with his initial money transfer. My cousins used the card and withdrew money from ATM. My uncle told me that for his next transactions, he just used his online account to transfer money and his recipient’s card is reloaded instantly.

For using that method, he avoided the hassle of using the slow old-fashioned money remittance way and also avoided the danger of carrying cash to remittance centers when sending money.

I want to thank him for sending me some money as a gift for my recent birthday. Thanks uncle!

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