Send Free Text Messages Worldwide using Chikka Messenger

Almost everyone nowadays have their own cellular phones. Others even own two or three phones depending on their purposes. Cellular phones became a necessity now more than a luxury. It has features such as SMS (short message service), MMS (multimedia message service), regular calls and video calls.

Cellular phone makes the world a smaller place to live by connecting people whenever, wherever. It is also very essential for businessmen, entrepreneurs and online money makers.

Text messaging is one of the fastest and most convenient way to send short messages to others at a very cheap price.

It requires load credits so make sure your phone is always loaded. But what if suddenly, you’re out of credits and you’re in the middle of the night having an important text conversation with someone? Loading stations and stores are already closed and you need to urgently reply to the one you’re texting. Don’t worry. If you have a computer and an internet connection, you can send text messages online for free!

Chikka Messenger is a program that offers FREE messaging credits that can be used to send SMS or MMS to Chikka affiliated telecommunication companies worldwide. Chikka users must be online to send messages.

Registration is easy, just got to their website, register with your email address and mobile phone number or register a PC account, they will provide a unique Chikka ID for you. Then, download and install the latest version of Chikka Messenger on your computer or you can use their web-based Chikka Messenger without downloading. That’s it! Now you can send SMS and MMS for free!

I use this service when I suddenly ran out of load credits to send messages to my friends especially on midnights when loading stores are already closed. I also use it when I want to make announcements to my friends.

Chikka also has a feature called i$end powered by Sendah. Sendah’s services lets you send Money to your family in the Philippines in denominations of 500, 1000, 2000 and 5000 Philippine Pesos, send Mobile Phone Prepaid Credits to users of Globe (Globe prepaid, Touch Mobile), Smart (Smart buddy, Talk ‘N Text) and Sun Cellular, send Farm-Fresh Flowers to your loved ones and send Gift Certificates from leading Philippine merchants delivered to your recipient’s mobile number instantly.

Actually, my OFW friends use this service when sending flowers to their loved ones and send load credits to their siblings in the Philippines. They just use their Paypal account to fund their Sendah account.

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