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  1. PJ says:

    wow .. laking tulong talaga ng site mo..

    kala ko kasi po ndi pde sa EON ung withdraw to bank..

    dapat magopen pa ko sa ibang bank eh..

    applicable pa rin po ito sa EON ngayon?

    kasi diba pag sa card my 5 dollars na fee?

    pag sa bank mas maliit right?

    1. beepinoy says:

      Yes, applicable lagi ‘to. When you apply for an EON account, automatic na may deposit account na yun.

      Advisable talaga to ‘withdraw Paypal funds to bank’ using Unionbank. No withdrawal fee basta 7000 pesos pataas withdrawal mo and Unionbank is not charging incoming EFT (electronic fund transfer) fee. Other banks are charging 200 pesos sa EFT fee.

      1. aldrin says:

        EFT means?

  2. hazel says:

    here i go again..hehe..I have just transferred/withdrawn my money from paypal to my EON account. Will the money that I’ve transferred reflect on my EON’s online statement of account? Can I already withdraw it through ATM? Thanks.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Yes, your withdrawal will reflect on your EON’s online statement. It’ll take around 3 business days to arrive in your statement.

      You can withdraw it using your ATM when the funds are already reflected in your EON online statement.

  3. Mark says:

    I just withdraw my money from paypal to my eon but the problem is that the card no. (16 digit) is what i used in adding a bank account instead of the account no (12 digit) at the bottom of the card. Paypal states that the transaction is completed.
    ano nang nangyari dun sa money ko?? 🙁 dapat daw ang ginamit ko ay account no.
    reply pls.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Withdrawing Paypal funds to a local bank account in the Philippines usually takes around 3 days to be fully completed. 1 day for Paypal to send it to your local bank and around 2 days for your bank to confirm if your EFT (electronic fund transfer) from Paypal is valid.

      In your case Paypal already sent a notification to your local bank that their is an incoming fund transfer from you since you said that “Paypal states that the transaction is completed”. So right now, it is up to your local bank to confirm or reject the transfer.

      Since you said that you input the wrong account number, there’s a big possibility that the bank will reject the transfer from Paypal. The funds will return in your Paypal account but you will be charged a return fee (I think it’s around 250 pesos). This is according to this statement by Paypal,

      “Note: If you try to withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your local bank account and the deposit is denied by your bank (because an incorrect bank account number was entered, for example), you will be charged a return fee.”

      When did you withdrew your Paypal funds? Yesterday? I think what you can do now is to wait for the 3 day withdrawal transaction to be completed to know what happened to your funds. Most likely it will be rejected by the bank and you will charged a return fee.

      If this happened and you are charged, I advise you to change your bank account number to the right one to prevent this from happening again.

      1. Mark says:

        Yes i withdrew yesterday. Hopefully the bank will just reject it.
        Thx again.

      2. Joy says:

        Sir, Good afternoon, salamat at may ganitong site, January 24 (sunday) nag withdraw ako ng 7k to be transferred sa EON ko, ang problema, yung card number ang nailagay ko hindi account number… nabasa ko yung reply mo about sa irereject ng unionbank yung pera at ibabalik sa paypal, kaso it’s been a week na, from this day, 6 working days na ala pa din bumabalik sa paypal ko. any help pls? thank you so much.

        1. beepinoy says:

          If that’s the case, you need to contact Paypal’s Help support directly. Just log-in your Paypal account and there’s a help support link there. Report to them your detailed problems and they will gladly help you.

          Hope your problems will be fixed soon. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  4. Jaggerjack says:

    tol pagkatapos na send ko sa wrong bank account. card no. ang ginamit ko eh, nag send sa akin ang paypal ng $1.95 bonus transaction daw. last wed. ang transaction ko.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Your withdrawal using a wrong bank account number is not related to the “Bonus transaction of $1.95” given to you by Paypal.

      Please read Step number 3 of my article about Paypal Account Verification to know more about the “Bonus from Paypal” ($1.95).

      For your withdrawal concern using a wrong bank account number, you can read my reply to Mark.

  5. Jaggerjack says:

    at nakunan din ng 100 pesos ang account ko sa eon. any tips tol.

    1. beepinoy says:

      The 100 pesos deducted to your EON is actually a part of the Paypal Verification process, please read Step number 3 of my article about Paypal Account Verification.

      This deduction is already returned to you, not in your EON but in your Paypal account as a “Bonus from Paypal” ($1.95). As you said from your previous comment, your Paypal got a “$1.95 Bonus transaction”. It means that you are already a Paypal Verified member. Congatulations!

      1. jaggerjack says:

        na denied na ang transaction ko. Then bumalik na ang funds sa paypal ko with a deduction of $ 9. nag add then remove na din ako ng bank account. so should i use the withdraw to bank account na option pra sa eon account ko o withdraw to card? less than 7K po ang funds ko. careful na ako bka deduct na naman.

        Thx again.

        1. beepinoy says:

          Based on the Fees on withdrawing Paypal funds in the Philippines, withdrawing to bank account is a better choice than withdraw to card.

          ‘Withdraw to bank account’ deducts a fee of only 50 pesos if you withdraw funds less than 7000 pesos while ‘withdraw to card’ charges a fixed fee of $5 USD (or around 250 pesos).

          Just make sure that your bank account details (‘Account Name’, ‘Bank Name’, ‘Bank Code’ and ‘Account Number’) are correct.

          1. jaggerjack says:

            thx nice site.

  6. dave says:

    Sir regarding withdrawing your money from PayPal to EON ACCOUNT. You said that I have to put the deposit acct. no. not the card no. But during adding my bank account, I was tasked to put my card no (16 digits) not the deposit acct. no as what you indicated in your post. Will this affect my transaction? But the PayPal sent me a confirmation saying that on Feb 3 I will be receiving the amount na po.. Nalilito lang po ako kasi last wednesday po ako ngprocess, bakit po ba sa Feb 3 pa marreceive ko yong amount? eh dba 2-4 days lang po dba?

    Hope to hear from you soon Sir. THanks! and more power!

    1. beepinoy says:

      During adding your bank account, you said that you were tasked to put your “card no”? It’s not “card number”, I haven’t seen a “card number” field upon adding a bank account on Paypal.

      It’s actually “Account number” referring to your 12-digit EON deposit account number. Please read it closely and you will see “Account number” and not “card number”.

      For the “(16 digits)” that you said, it doesn’t mean that you’ll have to enter exact 16 digits, it’s indicated there “1-16 digits” meaning your bank account’s deposit number can be one up to a maximum of sixteen digits.

      If ever you entered the wrong bank account number and you withdraw your Paypal funds using that wrong number, there’s a big possibility that your bank will reject this transaction and your withdrawn Paypal funds will be returned in your Paypal account but Paypal will charge a fee (I think it’s called a charged back fee) of around 250 pesos above because of a failed transaction.

      The 2-4 days actually are business days so the count doesn’t include Saturday and Sunday.

      Hope this clarifies your queries.

      1. Kuroro says:

        “During adding your bank account, you said that you were tasked to put your “card no”? It’s not “card number”, I haven’t seen a “card number” field upon adding a bank account on Paypal.

        It’s actually “Account number” referring to your 12-digit EON deposit account number. Please read it closely and you will see “Account number” and not “card number”.”

        If it’s EON, I think PayPal is asking for the CARD NUMBER not the ACCOUNT NUMBER as what Dave stated and you’re not suppose to click “Add/Edit Bank Account” for Unionbank EON VISA Electron Card to begin with but “Add/Edit Credit Card” instead as how BEEPINOY instructed it:

        1. You must have a Paypal Account. In case you don’t have one, register here.

        2. Sign in your account and go to “My Account”, then hover over the “Profile” tab and under it click “Add/Edit Credit Card”. For Filipinos who don’t have a Credit Card yet, you can apply for a Unionbank EON VISA Electron Card. Enter your contact information and credit card details, after that link and confirm you credit card by clicking “Save and Continue”.

        Reference: http://www.beepinoy.com/2009/03/04/paypal-account-verification/

        1. beepinoy says:

          Na-misunderstood nyo ho ata Mr. Kuroro ang article na ito.

          Ang post na ito ay para sa pag-WITHDRAW ng Paypal funds. Ang “Paypal verification” ay ibang usapan na ho.

          Gaya ng sabi ko sa article, ang EON card ay hindi lang isang debit card, may kasama rin itong deposit account number (or savings account number).

          Kaya kapag kelangan nyong gamitin ang EON as “debit card” yung 16-digit card number ang ibigay. Kapag naman kelangan nyong gamitin ang EON as “bank account o savings deposit account” yung 12-digit na account number ang gamitin.

          Meron ho kasing dalawang option pag magwiwithdraw ka ng Paypal funds. Pwede kang mag “Withdraw funds to your Local Philippine bank account” (also known as Saving account) o kaya naman “Withdraw funds to your card”.

          Malaki ho kasi ang matitipid kapag ang iwinidraw mong Paypal funds ay dineretso mo sa “Local Philippine bank account number” mo kaysa sa “debit card number” kaya ko ho isinulat ang article na ito.

          Paki basa na rin ho ang post na ito about Paypal Withdrawal Fees para maikumpara nyo ang halagang matitipid.

  7. Dave says:

    Hi Sir, thanks for your quick response. Regarding the paypal withdrawal method, How come the paypal confirm my bank account and they give me a confirmation that on Feb 3 I will be receiving my money? Alam mo ba kung ano yong result to my previous transaction? wherein i entered the card no. instead of my deposit account no,? Thanks

    1. beepinoy says:

      Upon adding a bank to your Paypal account, Paypal reminds it’s account holders to make sure that the information (such as Account name and account numbers) they entered are correct meaning it matches with your bank account information.

      Notice that before you can add the bank information you entered, Paypal will give you a final reminder that goes like this,

      “Review your bank account information

      Please make sure your information is correct and complete. Otherwise, transfers to and from your PayPal account will be returned. A return fee of P250.00 PHP will apply, and your bank may charge additional fees”.

      Remember that Paypal is a business company, and like other businesses need to earn through fees so it’s up to the account holder to make sure that the information they entered are correct.

      In your question, “How come the paypal confirm my bank account and they give me a confirmation that on Feb 3 I will be receiving my money?”

      As I’ve said, it’s a business thing. They already gave you a warning of certain fees that can be charged to you for failed transactions. The actual verification process if the information you entered are correct happens in cooperation with the bank company you entered.

      It goes like this, you withdraw your Paypal funds to your bank account. Paypal approves your withdrawal since you already added your bank. Paypal then sends a notification to your bank (for example Unionbank) if the account name and number is valid and existing. Now it’s the bank’s turn to verify it, if your Paypal account details doesn’t match that with your bank, the bank rejects the transfer of funds and notifies Paypal about it. Now that Paypal confirms that your account information are incorrect, you will be charged a fee for a failed transaction.

      The verification of your account details underwent a certain process so the incorrect information results to failed transactions, it generates delay in business transaction that’s why they charge certain fees (remember that they are a business company), also to remind their account holders to be careful and make sure that the details they entered are correct.

  8. beepinoy says:

    Dave, this is a response to your lost comment.

    You said there that Paypal already rejected your withdrawal and now you’re asking if “Is there a chance that my money will be returned?”.

    If Paypal already rejected your withdrawal, it means that the money you withdrew will return to your Paypal account but there will be a deduction or a charge back fee due to your failed transaction.

    Please read my previous responses to Mark and Jaggerjack as I already answered the same question. Thank you.

  9. adred says:

    Hi I would like add a bank account in paypal, however I don’t know what to put in the “bank code” and “bank name” fields. I don’t see a 9-digit number in my EON card. As for the “bank name”, how should I enter it: Union Bank, UnionBank, unionbank, union bank? Or are there any variants I don’t know?

    Also, is it proven? I mean using the 12-digit number as an account number for adding a bank account in paypal does work? Is there any deduction/fee for failed/successful attempt?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. beepinoy says:

      For the bank code and bank name, you can refer to my post here.

      There’s fee for failed transactions so make sure that the details you are inputting are complete and accurate. You can also read the other comments on this post about fees on failed transactions.

      1. adred says:

        Thanks! It really helped me… One more thing, about the account name. I notice paypal doesn’t provide a field for middle name. Or I am missing something? If so, will it cause a failure?

        1. beepinoy says:

          Just make sure that name you input in your Paypal matches with your local bank account’s name, then there will be no problems. 😀

          1. adred says:

            mmmm, once I withdraw my money to my bank account, will I be able to withdraw via ATM?

            1. beepinoy says:

              Yes you can but there’s an ATM withdrawal fee according to UBP.

              If you withdraw at UnionBank ATMs, 10.00 Pesos (after the 3rd withdrawal) and if you withdraw at Non-UnionBank ATMs within the Philippines, 12.00 Pesos.

  10. arniza says:

    Hello po..ok lang ba ang bank name ko is unionbank of the philippines na transfer ko na kasi ung funds ko sa bank acc ko, pls respond

    thanks and more power

    1. beepinoy says:

      I’m not sure if Paypal will accept or reject your withdrawal kung hindi exact ang bank name according sa list, you’ll just have to wait for the outcome.

  11. vern says:

    Hi. pahelp naman po. it was my first time to withdraw paypal paypal funds. nagwithdraw po ako last feb.22,2010, completed at same day din.then na-realize ko na i entered the card# instead of my account#. so i was thinking na magbounce back sya sa paypal account ko. couple of weeks na wla pa din so nag email ako sa paypal.sbi nila since process competed na sa system nila icontact ko daw ang bank.so nag email nmn ako sa union,halos week bago sila nagreply,sbi nmn nila since may mali nga daw binalik nila sa paypal nung feb24.so nagemail ulit ako sa paypal and sbi nila wala daw silang natatanggap from the bank.contact ko daw ulit ung bank. til now di pa nagrerespond ung unionbank. its been a month na. worried na tlga ko kc mejo malaki din ung winithdraw ko e.very alarming since its my first time…

    nakaencounter na po ba kau ng ganito? any advice? please. thanks!

    1. beepinoy says:

      I haven’t encountered that yet pero mukang kailangan mo agad aksyonan yan.

      I think you have don’t have to wait for UBP’s email because as you said they were responding too slow.

      You need to call their hotline directly, then ask the operator to transfer you to the personnel in-charge of receiving and rejecting withdrawals from Paypal so that you can explain your problem directly to them.

      Sabi ng UBP binalik nila sa Paypal nung Feb24? Try mo makakuha ng Transaction Report or transaction number na proof na naibalik na ng UBP sa Paypal nung February para meron kang maipakitang proof sa Paypal na rejected nga.

      You can Call Unionbank’s call center customer service hotline at 84-186 (accessible for PLDT Landlines only). Dial 841-8600 (for non-PLDT subscribers).

      1. vern says:

        Thanks! Ill call them tomorrow. thanks for the info! ill post here what happened.

        Thanks po ulit!

        1. vern says:


          i just called UBP. and after waiting for how many 2minutes, the only thing i got is that naibalik na daw nila ung fund ko last feb24. i was asking for any tracking or transaction number from them para maverify ng paypal but they told me na wala daw silang ganun. They told me na one possible issue daw is baka ung fund ko daw is nasa receiving bank pa ng paypal, and it’s up to paypal to coordinate to their bank(which serves as the middleman, they said).

          i just want to correct, i withdrew pla last feb12.


  12. jezer says:

    hi vern,

    I have experienced that before when I tried withdrawing a big amount from PayPal to my EON card. I recommend that you call PayPal thru Skype. It’s free. There’s a good advantage of calling them because you’re going to talk with our fellow filipinos (call center representatives) I hear where you’re coming from. I got relieved after I talked to them. The money was sent back to my PayPal after 10 working days.

    1. vern says:

      hi jezer!

      Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t encountered someone with same case. Buti nalang nagpost ka.. kahit pano narelieved ako na makikita ko pa yung “lost” fund ko 🙂 Ill contact paypal soon via skype.

      Thanks a lot 🙂

    2. vern says:


      paypal representatives were asking for my bank statement from feb 22- march 22. i called union bank and asked if they could provide me with such statement. the bank’s representative told me that the only way to have a statement is thru its online banking’s history. i fax paypal with that statement i saved from the online banking. then paypal said they need something that is issued by the bank and not an online statement.

      how was that?

      any advice? thanks!

    3. vern says:

      hi jezer!

      im desperate. id like to ask for your email address so i can personally ask for advice about my lost fund. you said you had experienced that before..perhaps i can talk with you about that?

      i actually called paypal, but every time im transferred to that special department who happened to be incharge of the case, the agent keep saying he cant barely hear me. i dont know if he really cant hear me or just dont want to entertain my issue. i was able to talk to different agents since i called many times and they all hear me well.

      i dont know what to do now.. my fund.. i think its gone forever..i really wont mind it if its small but its quite big.

      please help me… 🙁

      thanks in advance!

      1. Jezer says:

        Hi Vern,

        I’m sorry to hear that. What’s your YM?

        1. vern says:

          hi jezer!

          you can add this one:


          1. margobang says:

            hi right now im experiencing the same please help me
            its a big amount tooo

            i need it so bad for emergency use

        2. margobang says:

          hi there i have made a terrible mistake the same with your exprienced before

          i did not receive the money now im lost
          i didnt know what to do

          im trying to contact paypal
          and the bpi told me that my account has no deposit
          but i can see it my paypal’s transaction history that it was completed….

          1. vern says:

            hi margobang! take jezer’s words:
            “I have experienced that before when I tried withdrawing a big amount from PayPal to my EON card. I recommend that you call PayPal thru Skype. It’s free. There’s a good advantage of calling them because you’re going to talk with our fellow filipinos (call center representatives) I hear where you’re coming from. I got relieved after I talked to them. The money was sent back to my PayPal after 10 working days.”

            1. margobang says:

              i actually mailed them…..
              the big amount was reversed after 2 days
              then i fixed my problem regarding my name on my paypal account and on my bank account….
              i did a change name request to my paypal account and it was granted yesterday (within 3 days)

              1. vern says:

                good for you. my experience before was terrible. it took almost 3-4 months. just keep in mind to call them right away if anything similar occurs. 🙂

              2. Bren says:

                Nakuha mo po ba ang money mo?

  13. adred says:

    Hi beepinoy,

    I am having problem understanding the policy behind receiving money. My last two transactions have inconsistency. I don’t think I can explain it really well so I have to resort to this:

    Sent Fee Received
    70 USD = 3.03 USD = 2968.31 Php —–> last
    70 USD = 3.03 USD = 2938.89 Php —–> latest

    As you can see, the entries in the ‘Received’ column isn’t equal even though the transactions have the same ‘Sent’ and ‘Fee’ entries. Or in others words, I am not getting the same amount of money even though I am sent with the same amount in each transaction. This has happened to me 3 times I think, with the others have questionable deductions. Any help pls? Also, how can I contact paypal to tell them this particular problem?

    1. beepinoy says:

      It maybe because Paypal’s currency conversion rate from USD to Php is slightly lower on the day of your “latest” transaction compared to the day of your “last” transaction.

      You can contact Paypal by logging-in on your Paypal account then there’s a “Contact Us” link on the footer part of the page.

  14. mitch says:

    Hello. Helpful thread really many thanks. My questions are:

    1. If i already added BDO as my bank account for paypal, can i change it later to EON Cyber Account?

    2. My bdo passbook account comes with an ATM debit card. If i withdraw the amount via atm, after being credited to my bank account, will i be charged of the 5usd fee or just the ATM fee of 10/12 pesos as the case maybe?

    Many thanks.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Hi mitch! 🙂

      Answer to question 1, you can add another bank account to your Paypal account.

      For question 2, Have you already added your BDO passbook account to your Paypal account’s “Add Bank Account”?

      If already added, and you’ve chosen the “Withdraw funds to your Local Philippine bank account” withdraw option in Paypal and NOT the “Withdraw funds to your card” option, and the transfer is already credited to your bank account, there will be NO 5usd fee.

      For withdrawing from your bank to ATM, standard bank ATM fees apply like 10-12 Php.

  15. aldrin says:

    by the way .. my boss transfer fund to me and there is 3 choices to accept it …

    1. Accept this payment and convert it to $74.03 USD.
    2. Accept this payment in Philippine Pesos and create a balance in this currency.
    3. deny

    i choosed ‘2’ , accept it in ph…… but when i saw it in order status still need to ACCEPT IT or DENY …

    i choose ACCEPT again.. and this was happen , there is a fee..

    Amount received:
    P3,400.00 PHP
    Fee amount:
    -P147.60 PHP
    Net amount:
    P3,252.40 PHP

    …. any idea, why there is a fee in accepting payment in paypal?

    1. aldrin says:

      sorry some of my grammar are wrong, i didn’t check it ^_^

      1. beepinoy says:

        Probably, your boss passed on to the receiver (that’s you) the Paypal fund transfer fee instead of the sender (your boss) shouldering that 147php.

  16. Nek Aberia says:

    ask ko lang po….may account yung kuya ko sa Paypal pero iba yung ginamit nyang name kasi po confidential yung work nya..den he verified yung acount using his card with his real name then verified naman..the problem is nag transfer sya sa debitcard ng 10k then it says completed…then we wait na ma credit yung pera wala…then ayon bumalik sa account nya ulit he’s using yung BPI Express cash.. nakaka stress po pa help sayang po yung 30k malaking pera yung mag 1year na yung pera dun sa acoount hindi parin namin makuha…we reallly need your Please Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. beepinoy says:

      Make sure all the details in Paypal account and bank matches especially the account name. This is for security purposes to prevent fraud acts.

      You said that your brother used a different name. If your brother uses Paypal, then he must use his real name in his Paypal account. (It’s not that easy to change a Paypal account name unless you have a valid reason as I’ve said before, for security reasons).

      If your brother really needs to withdraw the funds, then he must contact Paypal support directly to help him with his problem.

      Hope this helps.

  17. Justin says:

    Hi, I also entered my EON card number and not my Account number. Now, I edited my account and added using my account number. So something like I put another account. My question is, are they going to deduct another 1.95US$ to confirm my account?

    1. beepinoy says:

      If your Paypal account is already verified before, no need to worry, you won’t be charged another 1.95.

  18. EML says:

    Nag withdraw ako last May 20 sa paypal at nag re-flect naman agad nung 23 or 24 na completed na yung transaction. Pero kahapon ko lang na realize na nagkamali ako at instead na ACCT number, card number ang nailagay ko sa withdrawal.

    Confusing yung video ng union bank about this. Ang sabi kasi “just like enrolling a debit card” ang pag w withraw. pinutol pa sa video yung ilalagay na yung 12 digit account number. 🙁

    Anyway, gusto ko lang malaman kung pano nyo na resolve. I already called union bank. System down daw sila eh. Should I e-mail Paypal instead?

    Salamat ng marami! 😛

    1. beepinoy says:

      Although it’s already completed, Unionbank will reject it because your account number is not correct. Because of this failed transaction, your withdrawal will be returned to your Paypal account and you will be charged a penalty fee.

      Just change your bank’s account number and make sure that it’s the correct one you’re entering this time to avoid failed transactions and fees in the future.

  19. Thea says:

    Sir na encounter nyo na po ba na hindi dumating yung pera mo sa bank account pero completed naman ang status sa paypal. Matagal na po aq gumagamit ng paypal pero ngayon q lng to na encounter.
    Pa tulong naman po sir!

  20. Thea says:

    Na kuha q na pala yung pera q sa BPI. sa bank pala yung problema. na delay ng 1month…

    Ty anyway!

    1. beepinoy says:

      Glad to hear that you already received it. 🙂

  21. liean says:

    pwd b mag open ng eon card khit student lng pro my online business?
    what if below 7k ang iwi2draw my transaction charge b yun?

    1. beepinoy says:

      Yes you can open.

      If you withdraw below 7k pesos Paypal funds to your local bank account, Paypal will deduct 50 pesos fee.

  22. morz says:

    Hi, Good evening po, just wanna confirm this, is it ok if i didn’t deposit on my account? pede bang ung paypal cash ko ung ipang veverify ko? or kailangan talagang mag deposit sa card?

    1. beepinoy says:

      I think it’s not possible kasi it’s there way of verifying that your EON card is legitimate na account mo talaga.

      1.95 USD lang naman yun or 100 Pesos, murang mura. Ibabalik din naman ng Paypal sa account mo after verification.

  23. ma teresita dayrit says:

    Gudam! pho. Ask ko lng if pwede, na agad mag deposit ng $100 usd sa eon card account ko, kahit bago padating plang ang account card? Thnx.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Di ka pwede magdeposit ng US dollar sa EON, peso lang ang pwede dun.

      Pero kung magdedeposit ka man ng pera sa EON mo, wait for your card first na mareceive mo kase hindi pa nakaactivate yun.

  24. sarah says:

    Hello po!

    My friend has a Unionbank Eon Debit Card. I don’t have any bank account or cards connected to my PayPal yet, so I transferred some of my money to her PayPal account para sya ang mag withdraw. Ang nangyari, since that both of us are both newbies on PayPal, sa “withdraw funds to your BANK ACCOUNT” option nya na-withdraw instead of “withdraw funds to your card”.

    Ano pong posibleng mangyari kapag nagkaganon? Magre-reflect pa rin ba yung pera sa card nya or ire-return lng nla sa PayPal account?

    After four working days since the day na nag-withdraw sya sa PayPal, she checked her card and hindi pa rin nagre-reflect yung pera.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Kung sa “withdraw funds to your BANK ACCOUNT” option nya nawithdraw, ibig sabihin nito e meron siyang connected bank na nakalagay doon.

      Since sabi mo na “na-withdraw” nya ito so ibig sabihin successful nya nagawa yung option na napili nya.

      Check nya sa local bank na nilagay nya sa Paypal kung dumating na doon.

      1. sarah says:

        Hi, thanks for the reply but my friend doesn’t have any bank account connected to PayPal, only her credit card, which I guess the reason why a few days after I posted my question here, we found out that PayPal did a “reversal” on the money. 🙁

        Thanks for your time and reply.

        1. beepinoy says:

          Ok. Just make sure to use the right withdrawal options next time to avoid reversal fees.

          Thanks for dropping by.

  25. huhupatay says:

    Isa ako sa nagkamaling nailagay ang 16 digit na eon card number when I withdraw funds to bank account. ngayon ko lang nalaman na mali pa la. patay ako sa nanay ko nito. Sabi ko pa sa kanya na bukas na namin makukuha ang money kasi mga lunes ko yon ni withdraw at sa email na confirmation ng paypal feb 10 daw makukuha ang money…
    Nabasa ko dito na may nagkamali rin ng kagaya ko..

    1. Vern says:

      Hi, just follow the advice, call ubp, ask when did they return the money(bounce back), then, call paypal thru skype and tell them what happened. Wait and check mu muna ung paypal mo to see, baka nagbounce back na. Twice ko naencounter ung ganito, the second time baman nagbounce immediately, maybe because mas maliit ung amount the second time.

      Hope i helped!

  26. KristineHyo says:

    hi, I have a problem, same as the others….
    (T_T)cause I have INPUT my card number instead of the account number and paypal says its completed. I have emailed paypal about my case and they said I should contact them again if it doesn’t appear on my bank account on March 2, 2011. well I wonder how long will it take to recover my funds due to my terrible mistake.

    has anyone already gone thru this? please help me…huhu(T_T)

    reply back lagot ako kay daddy


  27. kristin says:

    Hi, this is a nice site. One question po, can i withdraw my paypal fund to my Eon Account in USD? or it is always the best to convert fund to Php before withdrawing!

    many thanks!!

    1. beepinoy says:

      Actually, both steps will produce same results.

      When you withdraw Paypal funds in USD to your EON, it will be converted by Paypal to Peso using Paypal’s own currency converter.

      While if you convert it from USD to Peso within your Paypal account first before withdrawing, the same conversion rate will be applied and you will be getting the same amount.

  28. ivy says:

    I linked a unionbank regular savings account with my paypal. Is it ok that I withdraw funds to this? or I should get an EON account first..

    1. beepinoy says:

      If you already have a UBP regular saving account and linked it with your Paypal, you can withdraw your funds to your savings account.

      No need to apply for an EON card.

  29. Hershey says:

    Hi. Do you know anything about charge back? I can send and receive money via PayPal using my EON card until someone refunded me my money back. After the failed transaction, I wasn’t able to send money anymore. It says that I have to contact EON CSR but to no avail I can’t reach them. 🙁

  30. jayrocks says:

    hi sir ! nice site ! very helpfull. nag withraw kasi ako last day buti nalang nalagay ko ung “account number” hindi ung card no. that time medyo kabado ako kasi 16 digets ang required sa paypal.since na nabasa ko ang mga post sa site mo parang nabunutan ako ng tinik kasi tama ang ginawa ko. so today im waiting for my money from paypal to may eon card ..

  31. Maria Teresa Camero says:

    Hi Sir, i am having problem withdrawing my funds to bank account and even withdrawing funds to my card (eon visa card) kahapon ko pa po nakuha ang eon visa card ko sabi ng teller ngaun ko daw mamagamit. Pero nag ka problema po ako may 45$ po ako sa account ko try ko winidraw by bank account sabi ” the amount you are trying to withdraw is greater than your withdrawal limit, tapos sabi lift this limit then nag limit na naman ako sabi naman we were unable to verify this credit card please check if the information is correct, nakaka withdraw po ba kahit $? Paano po i convert into pesos? Possible po bang hindi pa na activate ang
    Card ko? Please i need your help:( looking forward for your reply thank u in advance.

    1. Tin says:

      Hi, you have to get verified at paypal to stretch your withdrawal limit. When you open paypal, you will see status below the welcome message and there you should verify your account. Now you have to reenter your card details and make sure everything is correct as is your bank account.

      Opposite your paypal balance on the right side, you will see a link to convert your available balance and just follow the step by step procedure. 🙂

      Good Luck!

  32. Maria Teresa Camero says:

    Hello sir, may balance po akong 2.105.92 pesos sa account ko gusto kong mag withdraw ng 2,000 pero ang sabi u have exceeded Your total withdraw limit please help po makapag withdraw ba talaga ako sa amount na ito? O hindi.

  33. Maria Teresa Camero says:

    Hello this page really helps alot! Thank you so much and God Bless us all!

  34. Kuroro says:

    I applied for Unionbank EON VISA Electron Card and already enrolled to EON Cyber Account Online Banking. I have a PayPal Account and there are things that bothered me after reading all these post.

    QUESTION #1:
    I’m a Unionbank EON VISA Electron Card holder and I wonder how should I make this work for PayPal verification, is it on “Add/Edit Bank Account” or “Add/Edit Credit Card”?

    QUESTION #2:
    Under “Profile”, “Add/Edit Credit Card” inside PayPal, after clicking VISA as my card type, it asks you for the “card number”. Am I suppose to put my Unionbank EON VISA Electron Card number or account number?

    1. beepinoy says:

      ANSWER #1: For Paypal Verification, ang nirerequire ng Paypal ay mag-add ng debit/credit card to verify, kaya ang “Add/Edit Credit Card” option ang puntahan.

      ANSWER #2: Since “Add/Edit Credit Card” ito at hiningi ang iyong “card number”, yung 16-digit card number ang ilagay not the deposit account number.

  35. Jovito says:

    Sir. Nag Withdraw po ako ng money sa paypal to bank account. panu ko po malalaman kung nareceive ko na? at ska kung pumasok po ba sa bank account ko yung money, pwede ko po ba ito mawithdraw sa atm? thanks po.

    1. beepinoy says:

      Good day Jovito!

      Mga 2-4 working days marereceive mo na yung funds. Kung may passbook ka, pwede ka pumunta sa banko mo at ipa-update para makita mo kung nandun na or kung may online account ka, pwede mo rin icheck dun.

      Yung money from Paypal naman na matatanggap mo ay madadagdag sa kung anong kasalukuyang laman ng iyong bank account kaya pwede mo itong iwithdraw gamit ang iyong ATM card.

  36. JR says:

    hi i have the same prob by putting my card number instead of account number, ang gus2 ko nlng po mlaman eh kung ilang days usually na bbounce back sa paypal yung money.. according to my paypal i should get the money by feb. 20, so kung wala pa by 21 i bbounce back na kaya agad ng union bank?.. Gusto ko pong agapan yung problema hangang mas maaga para ma report ko na agad sa paypal.. hope for your reply.. thanks a lot..

  37. tess says:

    hi to all pls i need your help..bakit po denied ung pag tranfer ko ng money from paypal to eoncard.resend uli ung pera ko sa paypal..laki 2loy ng charge..pls…what should i’ll do? thanks

    1. Neil Mark says:

      You hard time withdrawing your Paypal funds to your Eon account, I recommend you to use Peso Exchanger. You can withdraw/exchange your PayPal funds to cash/bank transfer to your Eon account even on holidays and weekends.

  38. eloisa says:

    hi, pwede ba mag apply ng eon card ang mga on-line worker? i cant apply for credit card kc, hindi ko kayang ipasa ang mga requirement for credit card

    1. Neil Mark says:

      You can apply online or go to Unionbank near you. Just bring 2 valid ID and you should have a SSS number or TIN number. You should also bring 350 for paying your Eon card or the annual fee. Your application will be process more than a week.

  39. Kris says:

    Hi sir,

    I would just like to address a certain issue regarding my Paypal account. I already added my UnionBank EON card as a “card” to my PayPal account (meaning I input the card number), and it is already verified. I have also used it already for buying stuff online. But since I’ll be receiving funds through my PayPal soon, I was wondering if I can change my “card” into a “bank account”? Is there a way I can just edit the account number from the 16-digit card number that I input into the 12-digit account number? I was hoping to “Withdraw to Bank Acccount” kasi eh. Thank you!

  40. Maia says:

    Great post! Good to know that the deposit account number is the one at the bottom. 🙂 Anyway, I’ve got a question–
    I have a Union Bank payroll card issued by a previous employer which I am still keeping as a deposit account. It says ePaycard on the upper right hand, however, not E-On. Otherwise, everything looks exactly similar to your image right there. Is this the same thing? I got this card in 2011. Thanks!

  41. isabel says:

    helo ,1st time ko nag withdraw ng paypal funds to eon card, bank account. last monday. its about 15k, pero I check my eon now and the balance is 14,755 lng ung nareceive ko. bket binawasan ng eon bank ng 320 pesos? gnun ba tlga?pls reply

  42. jona dupitas says:

    Hello po. I am new to this paypal transaction and I was reviewing the status of my withdrawal from my account. After reading your articles I found out that I made a mistake. first is the bank name I inputted UNIONBANK however I put the correct bank code. second I inputed the wrong account number when I checked my bank account the images says X-9428 which was the last four numbers of the 16-digit card number. I already withdraw money which is due on august 7, having read your articles I know it will get rejected and deducted. So I tried again today true enough when I checked my bank account the last digits were different from the primary one. but I entered unionbank as the name. will it get rejected again? this is so depressing.

  43. chris john says:

    HI ask lng po ako pano po kung mali yung bank code na nailagay mo sa details? tapos completed napo yung transaction .. ma rereceive koba yung pera ko sa account ko?

    or bounce back yung pera na widraw ko kc mali yung bank code na nailagay ko..

    pro tama namn lahat ng information kagaya ng (account name at account number)

  44. Bryan says:

    Hello po, may tanong lng po aq kc nagkamali ata aq. Natry nio n po ba magwithdraw from paypal to unionbank eon visa debit? Baguhan p lng kc aq kaya nde q maxado maintindihan peo s tingin q naintindihan q n ngayon. Dapat pla pag magwithdraw k from paypal, dun dapat s unionbank deposit account at nde mismo dun s eon visa debit card kc may charge na $5. Ang tanong q,magrereflect kaya ung pera q s atm? Kc sa paypal,completed n ung status ng pag withdraw from paypal to credit card. E nung chinek q online s eon cyberaccount q,wla ung transaction details at wla ung pera,kaya kinakabahan aq mea wala ung pera,sayang.

  45. Marc Lim says:

    Hi Good Day!

    Sir Question ko lang po, I have already linked my EON card to Paypal using “Add/Edit Credit Card” without any troubles.

    Question #1: I have used the “Withdraw funds to your card” to my EON card, Will I receive my funds? Or should I use “Withdraw funds to your bank account”.

    Question #2: I have received this email stating that “Your request to withdraw funds from your PayPal account to your card ending in ***2 has been received and is in process”, is this right? Dahil sa pagkaka-alam ko talaga yung EON visa/debit card is just only a card.

    1. Marc Lim says:

      Question #3: And If I use “Withdraw funds to your bank account” ma-rereceive ko pa rin ba yung Funds ko directly to my EON-card? Kasi yung charge ng Paypal to my EON card is 250.00, and taas ng fee.

      1. hazel says:

        hello sir marc lim, I’ve been using paypal for quite some time na and I haven’t tried withdrawing through “card”..withdrawing through bank account is more recommended because it’s free if you’ll withdraw 7k up and a P50 charge for withdrawals less than 7k..and yes,the funds will be transferred to your eon account/card within 2-4 days. Pero kung nawithdraw mo through card, for sure,make-credit din yan kaya lang,P250 talaga ang charge. Hope this helps.. 🙂

    2. Joy says:

      Guys, anuman yung naging mistake nio sa PayPal regarding EON, babalik at babalik yung pera sa PayPal account nio, pero may P250.00 na fee.

  46. justine says:

    hello po.

    nabasa ko po yung ibang commnets sa itaas, katulad din po nila, ang nilagay ko po ay yung 16 digit number kasi kapag yung 12 digit po sina-submit ko, nire-reject po yung application ko. therefore, my account was verified using the 16-digit number.

    Balak ko po sana mag-withdraw, pero sa local bank po gusto ko para mas mabilis maprocess. Makaka-apekto po kaya yung maling card number na na-submit ko sa pagwi-withdraw ko sa local bank (not unionbank)? gusto ko po sana ma-clarify to bago po ko magwithdraw sa paypal.

  47. WillDe says:

    Gud day sir. tanong ko lang..
    kasi bank account ang na gamit ko na method pag withdraw ko ng pera sa paypal instead na bank card (eon card)…tpos ang bingay ko na acount number is ung sa eon card ko.. din the next day complete na transaction, it means ba pag apply ko ng eon card automtic my savings acount ako agad sa union bank? kc if mag log in ako sa eon cyber account ko diko makita ung account balance ko e na ntransfer ko…pano ba to? tpos di ako maka lag in sa union bank e banking pero sa eon maka log in ako then if mag enroll ako sa ebanking may message na mag prompt na already enroll ndaw yong account number ko…

  48. Liezel says:

    Thanks for the guide finally I made my paypal account verified..

  49. MaKe says:

    ask ko lng new lng kasi ako. nagcreate ako account sa paypal. yng account name ko sa paypal nagkamali ako different yng first name ko sa paypal and firstname sa bank account ko. na click ko na save. no choice na ba ako na sisingil ang paypal ng 250 sakin then useless na yng transaction?

  50. merryl says:

    hello po! i bought something online through paypal using my eon card but i cancelled the item so my money was refunded. in my paypal, it was stated that my money has been fully refunded but then when i checked my account balance in eon online, my money hasn’t been refunded yet. should i wait for it to be refunded back in my eon card or what? please help. i’m considering time on buying a certain stuff.

  51. ylaine co says:

    kuya nag deposit ako sa eon ko tapos hindi nag reflect sa paypal ko. apnu po to?

  52. Angelo says:

    Hello po,

    Paano po yun if I entered my credit card number instead of my bank account number in withdrawing from paypal? Hindi na ako makatulog last night sa kakaisip. Malaki po kasi yung winithdraw ko tapos baka hindi na mabalik.

    Should I go to the bank and report this? Or what?

    Thank you so much!

    Please email me if you can help..

  53. whateverandrea says:

    Hi. Pano po kung ang name ko sa Paypal Account is just Andrea and my bank account name that I linked to my PayPal is Maria Andrea? Will it have any conflict when I withdraw my money to my bank account? I hope you answer this. Thank you.

  54. arlin says:

    Sir pwede po ba magdeposit ng USD check sa eon? kc i recieved $50 check kaya lang wala akong dollar account 🙁 sayang baka maexpire un check. thanks

  55. tinytapioca says:

    I’ve also made the same mistake of inputting my card number instead of account number during the withdrawal process. Initially, I thought everything was good at first, until 4 days after the withdrawal when I contacted Unionbank for the nth time, but this time they tell me that the funds have been returned. How long does it take the returned funds to reflect in paypal?

    1. Maricar Maligo Altieza says:

      Hi po mam nasolve na po ba issue about transferring yoyr money on your bank account.The same problem po tayo.Almost two weeks na po aq nagiintay pero hndi prin sya nagbounce sa paypal account ko

  56. Mary Anna says:

    hi sabi mo po kapag nag add ng bank acct s paypal , dapat ang ilalagay is yung eon deposit acct # , kaso po ang nalagay ko is ung eon card # , kase po ang hinihingi ng paypal is 16 digit not 12 digit. its my 3rd time na nag process aq ng withdrawal and lahat rejected or my mali daw na info. same info naman yung nilagay ko from email , name at acc # . almost 1k na ung nakukuha ng paypal sakin kase nga nag ffailed eh.

  57. John Mark says:


    By the way ask ko lang po. Kung ang paypal mo naka link sa eon card mo at deineposit ang pera galing US ng Tuesday kailan mo ba ma wi-withdraw ang pera sa bank account mo? Is it 2-3 working days after ma depost?


  58. Maricar Maligo Altieza says:

    Hi isa po ako sa nagkamali, sa halip na account number nailagay ko ay card number po.Just withdraw money by november 30, 2015 and it was completed.But its almost 16days from now my funds not shown up in my account, I discover po na mali yong nailagay ko na bank account, I just putted a card number.Almost 2weeks na po hndi parin nag bounce sa paypal ko.pahelp nman po kung ano ang dapat ko gawin.Salamat po

  59. jor says:

    can i ask? a already verified paypal to my bank but i cannot see put my paypal acount 100pesos even i have already deposit 200 so tht paypal can deducted but i dont anythng in my paypal 100pesos there but i widraw it and trnsfer to my bank acount is tht ok?even they not deducted 100pesos but they verified already i dnt know why but i recve money coz its wdraw iit complete but still im not recv money 🙁

  60. jor says:

    tanung lang poh nag add nako ng bank acount sa paypal ko at verified na peo wala naman naka lagay sakin na 100pesos sa paypal acount kahit na may 200pesos depost nako para ma deducted sa paypal peo na verified na poh naka wdraw nako at complete na siya peo wala parin pumapasok na pera sa bank acount ko anung ng yari ok lang ba yun?kahit wala nakalagay na deducted sa paypal ko..100 wala akong makita sa paypal acount 100 doom..peo verified na poh prblma ko ngayun wla parin pera sa bank ko 🙁 help

  61. cherlie says:

    hi thank you so much for this blog I just found out pwede mo rin xang gawing bank account mas lesser young fee 50 pesos lang pag below 7k tas free pg 7k up.. kaysa gawin mo xang visa na 5 usd yung charge grabi laki..now..I am clarified..

  62. francis says:

    Same here i also have mistake inputting my card number instead account number.. i will need to fixed this on monday by going to the bank where i got my card, this is very helpful site.. thanks everyone.

  63. Kayecee says:

    Good day,

    I just received Php15,900 on Paypal then I transferred the full amount to my BDO bank account and I only got 15,700 instead of 15,900. I don’t know why Php200 was deducted from my account. Thought they don’t charge you anything if you withdraw 7k and up.

    1. David says:

      You withdrew to a BDO account. BDO charges P200 for this transaction. Union Bank does not.

  64. mercy says:

    my unionbank getgo visa card po ako pwde ko po bang magamit ito sa pag withdraw ng funds ko sa paypal account ko?

  65. Michael says:

    Good day,

    Hi sir, meron akong pera sa paypal, naglink na rin ako ng bank account ko. nagwithdraw ako sa paypal papunta sa BDO account ko. ang problema ko ung paypal bank account ko ibang name ang nakalagay sa BDO account ko. kaya ndi tinanggap ng BDO. ilang araw bago bumalik ung funds ko sa paypal account ko. Maraming salamat po.

  66. Rona says:

    Good day po,
    Hi Sir, like ko lang po sanang mag tanong, kasi po nag nagwithdraw ako ng Fund ko sa paypal thru BDO, last May 9, 2017. But still until today May 16, 2017 wala paring nag rereflect na balance sa BDO account ko. Tumawag narin ako sa BDO sabi nila wala pa talagang transaction na napasok under Pay pal. 🙁 Grabe naman po ang tagal ng transferring of fund nila. Pero sa paypal site po sabi transaction complete na daw. Nakakabahala na din po kasi.Sana po mapayuhan nio ako ng pwedeng gawin, nag email narin ako sa paypal until now no response parin. 🙁

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