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  1. snoogle says:

    Hello! I learned a lot from your posts. May question lang ako, kapag nasa SMART Money Card mo na yung winithdraw mo from Unionbank EON account, paano mo sya makukuha? I mean, paano convert into cash? Pupuntahan mo ba any SMART Center and doon mo iclaclaim yung mismong money? What is the maximum amount that can be transfer from EON to SMART Money? Thanks!

  2. beepinoy says:

    Hi snoogle!

    After a successful transfer from Unionbank to Smart Money Card, you can withdraw it at any ATMs nationwide.

    I advice you to withdraw at BDO (Banco De Oro) ATMs because there is NO withdrawal fee. You will be charged Php11.00 if you withdraw using other banks’ ATMs.

    The maximum amount you can transfer from EON to Smart Money Card per day is Php10,000 and the maximum amount you can withdraw from Smart Money is Php20,000 per day.

    Hope this answers your questions. Thank you for visiting 😀
    Drop by again!

  3. jewell says:

    hi, i just want to ask, how much is the credit limit of the eon card? because i deposited 40k on my eon account than nagbayad ako ng 60 plus dollars on my supplier in china then nung next transaction i will pay him $40 plus biglang error nagexceed daw ng credit limit same day lang yun.. i’m afraid baka nawala na yung money ko.. and by the way pano mag check ng balance online? thank you!

    1. beepinoy says:

      EON card doesn’t have a credit limit because it’s not a credit card, it’s a debit card. It means that in order for you to use your EON card, it must have funds in it.

      About the “biglang error nagexceed daw ng credit limit same day lang yun”, I’m not sure about that because I haven’t used my EON for direct online transactions internationally. You may ask that question directly to a Unionbank representative on their hotline.

      For the question on how to check your EON’s balance online, you can apply for an EON Cyber Account for your EON card. The steps are detailed on my post here.

  4. write4milk says:

    How long does it take to transfer from EON to SmartMoney?

    1. beepinoy says:

      If you follow the steps on transferring from EON to Smart Money card correctly using your Smart mobile phone, the transfer takes just a few seconds.

  5. maellen says:

    good day.

    Ask ko lng, successful ko nman na activate ang eon mobile bank and smartmoney ko, kaya lang pag magtransfer na ako ng funds from my eon account, ang reply lagi sa akin ay INVALID TRANSACTION. How do I overcome this problem?

  6. Regie Bueno says:

    Just a quick inquiry on the type of SmartMoney card. Does the old card with (5577) and new one (5299) are both available for this transfer from EON to SmartMoney?

    Thank you. I been reading your how-tos 😉

    1. beepinoy says:

      I’m using the 5299 and I have no problems with fund transfers but I’m not sure for the old card.

  7. ella says:


    does anyone know if you can transfer money from bdo internet banking (online account) to smart money card? how do we do that?


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