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  1. Henry says:

    Great article dude, I’ve tried it and it worked.

    I only spent 2.50 pesos deducted from my airtime load. Thanks a lot

    1. beepinoy says:

      Good thing it worked well. Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  2. BG says:

    It may not be as cheap as you think. It seems if they have a problem with a ATM machine union bank just keeps your money. It seems from comments that this is common.
    We have just been informed about just such a case a young woman goes to a ATM machine to withdraw money from her Unionbank account for food, the machine does not pay out but it still deducts the amount from her account, so she reports it to Unionbank only to be informed it will take them between 3 to 15 days to even look into it. In that time the woman goes hungry, what if it was her rent money she was withdrawing and Unionbank takes 15 days to look into it, by that time she has been evicted from her house and living on the streets.
    It is theft and there is no doubt about it, they have taken her money and are refusing to let her have it.

    1. beepinoy says:

      I haven’t experienced that yet. Sadly, it happened to her.

      And for your comment, “It may not be as cheap as you think”. That’s why I posted this article, I pointed out here to use your Smart Money card to withdraw at BDO ATMs and not withdraw using your EON card at Unionbank ATMs because of certain fees.

      Also, by using Smart Money to withdraw at BDO ATMs, anyone can prevent the sad story you narrated above from happening to them.

      Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  3. nez says:

    I tried to create my paypal account, and the registration is complete except for the card needed. I mean, can I use my smartmoney account for this? The registration says that I have to verify the account first. I’m sure my account still working because I am using it recently and it’s active. What should I do? Anyone can help me? Thanx!

  4. beepinoy says:

    You can use Paypal even if you are unverified but an Unverified Paypal account has a lot of sending and receiving limits. Other third party sites even won’t allow unverified Paypal members to join their program.

    As for Smart Money, unfortunately as of now, it’s not accepted by Paypal to verify your account.

    If you really want to use the full potential of your Paypal account without limits, you can verify it using your credit card or if you don’t have one, it’s very easy to apply for a Unionbank EON VISA card if you’re here in the Philippines.

    When you already have your EON card, follow these steps to verify your Paypal account.

    Thanks for visiting. 🙂

  5. alice inocencio says:

    can i use other banks for my paypal funds and then transfer these funds from any bank other than unionbank to my smart money card?

    1. beepinoy says:

      As long as the other banks also have a Mobile Banking Service, you can do so.

  6. Sani says:

    Dapat ba may balance yung EON account bago maverify sa Paypal?

  7. George says:


    Kung i-transfer ko from PayPal to Unionbank Savings Deposit Account tapos mag wi-withdraw through ATM may bayad parin bang P10.00?

    Thank you!

  8. Ryan says:

    my buyer told me that he sent money to his paypal account for the payment, i receive a notification by paypal that i have receive a payment using paypal. But i don’t have a paypal account, he told that i can withdraw the money to any bank. Is that possible? which bank will i go to? and what are the requirements?

  9. Andy says:

    Hi BeePinoy. Above article was written in 2009, and now it’s 2017. Is above method still the cheapest way to withdraw Paypal funds in the Philippines? Thanks.

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