RSS and Social Bookmarking

Internet offers a very wide range of information. With this, news, events and updates from every aspect of life from around the world is just a click away. Today, almost everybody is using the internet whether for their school researches, office works, email, businesses, entertainment, etc. It really makes the world a small place to live.

There are a lot of websites out there. We have our favorite sites but sometimes checking the updates from these sites one by one takes a lot of time. Why not reverse the situation and let the updates from these sites come to you instead of you checking all of them?

It’s possible by subscribing to their sites RSS feed. RSS stands for RDF Site Summary or more populary known as Really Simple Syndication. Here’s a video from Common Craft about RSS in Plain English;

But what if you ran into a great website information, you want save its address but it’s hard to memorize and also you want to share this information to your friends. This is where Social Bookmarking does its job. Here’s a video from Common Craft about Social Bookmarking;

These two internet tools are very useful in organizing your favorite websites. Now that you know what RSS and Social Bookmarking are, you can Subscribe to’s RSS feed by clicking the button below and you can also Subscribe via Email. You can also bookmark this page by clicking the “Bookmark and Share” button below.

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