Earning Online without a website

Making Money Online is not just for website owners. Even if you don’t have a website, you can earn money online by participating in specific programs that pays their members for engaging in online activities.

I will give some information about these programs. Feel free to decide what program are you going to join. Earnings from these programs really vary depending on your activeness on a certain activity. I compiled a list of some programs you can try;

Make Money by Posting Questions

Make Money by Posting Questions program lets you earn by sharing your knowledge to others through your questions based and on its quality determined by the number of answers, ratings and comments received. A good program for those trivia enthusiasts and those who want to learn more. It’s easy to start with this type of program and share your knowledge.

Make Money by Sharing Photos

Make Money by Sharing Photos program lets you earn from your uploaded photos based on the number of views received. Earning are based on CPM. This program is best for those who love taking pictures and posting them online. You can upload and post the links to your favorite social networking sites. By doing this, you are driving views to your photos equivalent to accumulated earnings.

Make Money by Sharing Files

Make Money by Sharing Files program acts as an online storage for your files. You can store images, audio files, video files, software and presentations here.

This program not only lets you upload and store your files but also earn by sharing them. Each successful download of your files equals money. They offer about $1.00 to $10.00 per one thousand downloads depending on demographic location of the one who downloaded the files. A nice way to share your special files to your friends while earning from it.

Make Money while Searching the Internet

There are some sites that offer members an opportunity to Make Money while Searching the Internet. This method generates little earnings though.

Make Money while you Socialize

A lot of people are in to social networking sites like Friendster, Myspace, Facebook, etc. They love to build their personal profiles, upload photos, play music, put some videos and invite new friends. It really eats up a lot of time doing this and the sad part is, you are not earning from them.

Actually, there is a social networking website that offers the same services like those mentioned above but the great thing here is this site shares with their members their earnings. You can earn with everything you do with your profile and socialize.

Make Money by Answering Online Surveys

Almost every company out there, big or small, spends money to setup a survey program for their products and services. They will use the gathered information to know their products’ pros and cons whether there is a need for improvement or maintain strong attributes.

I personally experienced an actual survey program here in the Philippines and I can say that I had a fun time taking that survey plus I earned some bucks in a short amount of time.

There are also Online Survey programs that pay members for answering survey questions for companies. There are companies that accept worldwide members while others are limited with certain countries only.

Make Money by Viewing Programs

Make Money by Viewing program allows you to earn around $0.005 to $0.02 per program viewed for 30 seconds. Small earnings if you’re a sole member, decent earnings when you have lots of active referrals.

These programs are great ways to earn money online specially if you don’t have a website. If you want to really be successful with these programs, build your friends list and refer others to also join the programs you are in. This way, you earn percentage of their earnings and later earn while you sleep. Happy Earnings!

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