PSP for All Ages

What a day! I just finished my session with my very pretty Physical Therapist at a clinic, 5th floor SM Megamall. The therapy was quite intense. I went through a lot of strengthening and stability programs. It’s only a 2-hour session but I felt like I’ve been there for 6 hours. Good thing my therapist is very nice and assisted me all throughout the session.

After the session, around 6:30 PM, I decided to stay and relax at the mall for about 30 minutes so I took a seat at one of the benches still at 5th floor.

Then a lady in red, around 40 to 45 years old sat beside me and it seems like she’s waiting for someone. A moment later, she took something out of her bag and to my surprise! It’s a PSP! Woot! Here’s a stolen shot of her playing PSP!

When I saw this, I had mixed impressions. I wanted to laugh because it really looks very unsuitable for her age and at the same time, admired her interest in PSP because we rarely see a lady at her age playing PSP. And she’s actually playing a PSP game, I don’t know the title though.

PSP or PlayStation Portable offers handy gaming and multimedia experience and now I can say, for all ages!

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