Kobe Bryant Live Tour Dates including Manila

Kobe Bryant, the 2009 NBA Champion and Finals MVP is coming back to Manila as part of Nike’s six-city tour according to Nike’s statement last July 3, 2009. Manila will be its first stop on its live tour dates on July 21 then other countries thereafter.

For the live tour dates, Kobe will also visit Singapore on July 22, Taipei on July 23, Hong Kong on July 24, Shanghai on July 25 and Chengdu on July 26.

Also, Nike announced that from July 1st, Nike will launch Nike Dream Season. This is Nike’s latest design and will be a part of Kobe’s signature collection. This latest design will be sold exclusively in Asia.

“Developed to meet the needs of outdoor basketball players in Asia, the Nike Dream Season was designed with insights from Kobe.” Nike said.

This event will be great because the Filipinos love basketball. And with the most talented basketball player on the planet today coming to Manila, I’m very sure that it will be a storm event. As I enjoyed playing basketball too, I am also looking forward to see Mr. Bryant in person and play one-on-one with him. hahaha!

For more details in this live tour date’s schedule of events in Manila and where to get tickets, visit Nike Philippines.

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