Make Money with Questions

When we are young, we tend to ask elders almost about everything. As we grow older, our questions become more and more complex. Learning doesn’t stop when get old. Learning is a life long attribute.

As years pass by, more innovations, technology and breakthrough arises. We shouldn’t stop learning and we should also encourage others to learn new things. Other than that you might want to earn while learning and share to others this as well for them to earn too while gaining new knowledge.

Questions, questions, questions. Are you going to ask me a question on how to make money online with questions? Then my answer to your question is a big YES!

I came across a program called PickJack that lets users earn money online with their by sharing their questions and knowledge. It is easy to get started here.

Learn first before you earn. Read and answer 20 questions posted by other users, rate them and give some comments. This is required before you can post your own question because 20 answered questions by you is equivalent to one (1) question you can post.

Post the unique question that you want to share. Any question about anything is valid except Math problems, adult or violent questions.

Your question is now ready for other users to answer, rate and give comments. Answer more other users’ question to post more of your own questions.

    A great tip I can give you is to use their feature called “Take 10”. This feature will let you answer 10 questions in 1 page, so answering 20 questions will take you about less than a minute.

    Your earnings will depend on the quality of your question. The more users that answers your questions, the better. More ratings and lots of comments also means lots of earnings.

    Earnings can be cashed out through Paypal. Minimum cash out is $0.05. They automatically pay every 15 days or twice a month.

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