Manny Pacquiao Nike Ads

Manny Pacquiao already has solo Nike video commercials and also have one with the biggest names in sports today like Kobe Bryant for basketball, Roger Federer and Maria Sharapova for tennis, Xiang Liu for athletics and Cristiano Ronaldo for football.

“Manny Pacquiao is the only Filipino athlete to be signed up by Nike and have his logo, crest and exclusive gear designed by the US head office,” according to Nike.

Nike is set to release a new advertisement of Pacquiao, Bryant and other sports icons. They already finished the shoot last week and you may want to read Pacquiao’s post about this shoot with Kobe on his official column, “Kumbinasyon”. Meanwhile, check out these Nike commercials featuring Pacquiao.

First Nike Video Advertisement, “Ang Mamatay Ng Dahil Sa ‘Yo”

The background music of this video is from the Philippine National Anthem, “Lupang Hinirang”. I like this video because the music and the scenes have jived well. You can see Pacquiao’s struggles from past fights and how he came back to win it all.

Solo Nike Training Video Advertisement

The very last part of the video is the best for me. When he punched an opponent in slow motion and you can very well see his fury.

Multi-athlete Nike Training Video Advertisement

Manny Pacquiao worked hard his way to the top of the boxing world. Rigorous training and preparation for every fight is the key to his success. He is the first Asian to win the most boxing titles in different divisions. For that, this next video with other top world sports icons shows that he is one of them.

Multi-athlete Nike “The AW77” Hoodie – Style

Check out Manny Pacquiao’s latest Ad with Kobe Bryant and other top sports icons, Nike “The AW77” Hoodie – Style.

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