A glimpse of the past, Eraserheads music

The Eraserheads smashed the music scene in the 90’s with their unique style and chart-topping songs. Anyone can relate to their songs because they write about reality, what’s happening in each and everyone’s lives. They built a foundation for today’s hottest rock bands and solo artists.

They released albums consistently almost every year during the 90’s and each album had its own unique identity. Most bands today release albums every 2 years and only about 1 or 2 songs make the top 10 list.

My eldest sister is an avid fan of the Eraserheads. She still has cassette tapes of the first albums and CDs of their later albums. I can still remember she bought an Eraserheads magazine, it was actually the first official release called Pillbox. I read it only once because she misplaced it somewhere else and lost it.

Well, after many years, I saw this magazine again as a soft copy on the net. If your an Eraserheads fan, this is must have magazine you can add to your collection. It contains articles written by band members, some artworks and a very nice center-fold image of the band.

I definitely enjoyed reading this magazine again after so many years.

credits: schizo-archives.

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3 Comments on “A glimpse of the past, Eraserheads music”

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  1. PJ says:

    wow eraserheads..

    im an avid fan of the greatest band in philippine history..

    i miss them.. i’m hoping for a miracle..

    sana mabuo ulit sila 🙂

  2. beepinoy says:

    Nabuo na sila kaya lang, 2 concerts lang.

    Yung “Reunion Concert” last year tsaka nung “Final Set” last May.

    Napanood mo ba?

  3. PJ says:

    yeah i know that.. gusto ko yung mabuo ulit tlaga.. hehe

    pero mukhang imposible! 🙂

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