Thia Megia fell short in America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals

After the preliminary auditions, 48 hopefuls made it to the quarterfinal round of America’s Got Talent composed of the Top 40 that includes Thia Megia and 8 Wild Cards.

The 14-year old Filipino-American made it to the quarterfinals in Vegas but this is a tougher round. The 48 quarterfinalists were divided into 4 groups made up of 12 hopefuls, 10 from the Top 40 and 2 from the Wild Cards. In each group, only 5 will make it to the top 20 semifinals.

In this first batch of quarterfinal showdown held last August 4, 2009, Thia Megia sang her version of “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus and here are some of the judges’ comments;

Sharon Osborne: “… and you got a great, great voice. That’s what’s important to back it up, you’ve got the goods. You got it, I mean, and you’re very innocent and I just can’t wait to see you grow each week on this show ’cause your fantastic. You really are.”

David Hasselhoff: “… you are a shooting star, baby. You came to play, it was opening night and you nailed it. You should be very proud of yourself. You’re on your way, you’re gonna go a long way in this competition, congratulations. Keep the emotions, keep the energy.”

Piers Morgan: “… one word, brilliant!”

The Top 20 will be determined by audience votes and judges’ votes. In this first batch of performers, the audience will vote for the top 5. After they tally the votes, the 5th and 6th placers will have a chance to take the fifth spot in the top 5 for that batch.

The two who will fight for the 5th spot are Thia Megia and Arcadian Broad.

The fifth spot is determined based on the judges’ decision. Piers voted for Thia while both Sharon and David voted for Arcadian. Unfortunately, Thia Megia got eliminated.

Arcadian Broad’s act is mainly dancing. I agree with what everything Piers said. I really don’t see much of that dancing thing, I think he just went wild there and his moves doesn’t even coordinate with the song.

For Thia Megia, I really think that the choice of song hit her hard. She should have chosen a stronger song. Although she really got a great voice, this is quarterfinal round, got to show a greater performance.

Anyway, I think she will still be successful later.

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3 Comments on “Thia Megia fell short in America’s Got Talent Quarterfinals”

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  1. Megan says:

    My vote’s for Thia Megia in this decision night but really unfortunate for her, judges chose Arcadian.

    I agree with you, she’ll go well with her singing career. She’s young. 🙂

  2. Dashed says:

    May have been a poor song choice, but it was age-appropriate. Don’t get to see much of that on TV (like Eleisha Miller singing about “Proud Mary”–what’s next, “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds”?)

  3. Rob Denehy says:

    Very disappointed in the judging. Sharon is tone deaf from listening to Ozzie, and Hoff is Hoff. I tend to agree with Piers, the only legitimate judge

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