My Top 5 Grocery Saving Tips

This past few months, I have been a regular weekly grocery shopper’s assistant to my mother. In our family, only I and my younger brother really drives a car well since my father passed away few years ago. Right now, my brother’s quite busy in his studies because he’s already a graduating Nursing student. Even on Sundays, he has his Nursing duties so I have to spend my Sunday afternoons on the grocery store.

After a few trips on the grocery store, I noticed that most people tend to spend more than what they really need. Most are impulse buyers, they just grab this and that without even comparing the quality, quantity, packaging and most of all, the price. Upon payment, most shoppers are surprised that their grocery bill is too high while they only have a few items on their carts.

Here are my top 5 grocery saving tips that can help lessen your expenses;

Tip#1: Prepare your grocery items list before going to the store

Having a grocery items list before going to the store ensures that you only buy what you really need. This avoids the ‘grab this, grab that’ habit thus saves you a lot of money from unnecessary purchases.

Tip#2: Eat well before going to the grocery store

Avoid going to the grocery store with an empty stomach. When you are hungry, it’s more likely you’ll buy more than what you really need. Since your stomach craves for food, you are prone to grabbing those tasty looking high-priced grocery foods. Try having a meal at home or a light snack outdoors before going to the grocery store to avoid the ‘hungry grabber’ habit.

Tip#3: Buy large packs instead of small sachets

A good example for this is when buying powdered juice products. A 500-gram pack of powdered juice costs around Php40.00 while a small 50-gram sachet costs around Php8.00 each usually in bundle of 10 pieces, so that bundle costs Php80.00 for 500 grams. Saw the huge price difference?

I noticed a lot of people buy this bundle without even computing that they already spent twice the price for a 500-gram powdered juice. This is also the same for items such as shampoo, conditioners, laundry detergent, etc.. Better buy larger packs especially for items that are always used/consumed by your family.

Tip#4: Plastic-packed products cost less than canned or bottled ones

If you’re going to buy tomato sauce for the spaghetti on your upcoming birthday, better buy plastic-packed sauce instead of canned. A 1-kilogram canned tomato sauce costs around Php120.00 while a 1-kilogram plastic packed sauce only costs Php75.00, you saved Php45.00 for that.

Of course, tin can is much expensive than plastic plus canned packaging process costs more to do. This is also same for glass-bottled products. Buy canned products only for foods that you will store for longer period of time like sardines or tuna.

It’s better to buy plastic-packed refill for items such as ketchup, soy sauce, or cooking oil. Just clean the original bottles and containers of such products and refill it.

Tip#5: Avoid overbuying sale food products

Sale products are great but in terms of sale food products, be cautious. Most people tend to get overwhelmed with the large price drop in food items and overbuy. Remember that sale food products are closely on their expiration dates so if you buy more, you might not be able to consume it on time and you are likely to throw these products on trash.

These products also pose high risk of getting food-poisoned when these products are consumed. Not only you threw away money by trashing these products but also, getting hospitalized is very pricey.

Hope these tips help you save money on you next grocery trip!

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4 Comments on “My Top 5 Grocery Saving Tips”

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  1. GoBusiness101 says:

    Very nice article! Well said..

    1. beepinoy says:

      Thank you. Drop by again. 🙂

  2. amae d says:

    i love you, i mean your money making/saving tips, heheh.. great advice! another tip, i also found out that buying Bonus is okay, totally okay, my sister, an accounting student who takes up subjects in Marketing revealed that Bonus items and branded items come from the same manufacturer, you can check the manufacturer (address) labeled on the items. so Bonus items and branded items really just differ in price and packaging! she says it’s a marketing strategy, manufacturers sell a product in price A (high price) and price B (low price) so that whether the consumer chooses product A or product B, they still get a sale. clever! another thing i realized, famous brands are always more expensive, they are high-priced ’cause these brands spend much for advertising; not-so popular brands that are cheap in price don’t mean they’re cheap in quality, they’re just cheap ’cause they’re not commercialized 🙂

    1. beepinoy says:

      I agree with you about buying SM Bonus products. Almost all of their products are much cheaper than others. We also buy their products particularly cooking oil and all-purpose detergents.

      But in terms of sardines, nothing beats Rosebowl. Although the price is a little bit higher, we are very sure of great quality large sardines in very rich and tasty tomato sauce unlike other brands that tend to be smaller and doesn’t taste that good.

      More popular items really needs to increase their price to make up their advertising expenses, I also agree with that.

      By the way, love you too, I mean your very nice comment. 😀 Thanks for visiting. 🙂

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