NBA Legends won over PBA All-Stars

The NBA Legends won over the PBA All-Stars in the recently concluded NBA Asia Challenge 2009 Philippine edition at the Araneta Coliseum.

Dominique Wilkins soared high scoring lay-ups and dunks showing the fans that he can still fly at 49. He led the team with 28 points, five rebounds, two steals and one assist.

The PBA All-Stars led by a point at the end of first quarter, 26-25. However, the NBA Legends got back with 46-41 lead over the Filipinos during the halftime break and eventually pulled away for a 109-86 win over the PBA All-Stars.

The highlight of the game for the PBA All-Stars came on the first quarter when Alvin Patrimonio sank a three point basket then Allan Caidic followed it up by unleashing five three pointers on that quarter alone.

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