AlertPay Withdrawal in the Philippines

AlertPay is an online payment processor just like Paypal. These payment processors offer more secure transactions because you are not revealing your credit card information upon purchasing online. Also if you are an online freelancer, most companies pay their workers using these online payment processors.

Right now, Paypal is more compatible with Filipino online entrepreneurs for withdrawing their online earnings mainly because Paypal allows withdrawal via direct transfer to local Philippine banks. Plus, there’s the cheapest way to withdraw Paypal funds method. If you follow that correctly, you’ll save a lot from fees.

As of now, AlertPay still has limitations for withdrawing funds in the Philippines as well as other countries. A lot of Filipinos are asking what’s the best way to withdraw AlertPay funds in the Philippines. Here’s some options that I suggest;

Mailed Check

A minimum withdrawal amount of $20 USD is required to withdraw your AlertPay funds via Mailed Check. The processing fee is $4 USD and you will receive the check in USD around three weeks after your request. Preferably if your not in rush to receive your money.

Bank Wire

You will receive your AlertPay withdrawal faster using Bank Wire around 2 to 4 days but it poses a high processing fee of $15 USD. Additionally, you must have a verified AlertPay account to use this withdrawal method.

AlertPay to Paypal (the legal way)

Direct conversion of AlertPay funds to Paypal using third party exchangers are forbidden. So how are you going to do this in a legal way?

Here’s how. Invest your AlertPay funds in your trusted online business that accepts purchases via both AlertPay and Paypal. Then cash out your earnings to your Paypal account.

This is legal because you didn’t directly convert your AlertPay funds to Paypal using third party exchangers instead you invested it in an online business by purchasing their services using AlertPay then cashing out when you already earn from your investment using Paypal.


Update: AlertPay is now Payza

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5 Comments on “AlertPay Withdrawal in the Philippines”

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  1. iceley11 says:

    Hmm… may I ask how to have PGX deposit money to my Smart Money Card?

    1. beepinoy says:

      You can check out their website, it has the detailed steps there. 🙂

  2. jst18 says:

    hi, if i were to use bank wire to withdraw my dollars to my account i should open a dollar account?


  3. JC Tenio says:

    I’ve have added a bank where my personal savings account was opened in Metrobank – Cebu City, Philippines into my alertpay account and still an error occurred such as bank code, branch code, & swift bic required eventhough I have already entered them correctly.

    I could not withdraw funds from my alertpay account using the bankwire method.

    Anyone can you please help me. Thanks.

  4. Elli says:

    Will my bank charge me *additional fees* I choose to use bank wire?

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