Free Twitter Tools and Applications to Schedule, Timestamp and Recur Tweets

A lot of people nowadays use Twitter to send quick and simple 140 character messages across their Twitter network. Whether it’s just a simple ‘hi’ or ‘hello’ to a friend, an announcement to make, latest news trends or even use it as a marketing tool, every tweet is important.

Every user has different reasons why they use Twitter, whatever purposes they have, it’s very important to always be connected to your network.

Not everyone has the time to be on Twitter all the time. Most people are on work, some on vacation, others have limited Internet connection and of course, all of us sleep. So for you to connect to your network all the time even as you sleep, you can use Twitter tools to schedule or timestamp your tweets.

There are tools that simply schedule your tweets on the go while others offer better features such as recurring tweets. Recurring tweets are scheduled tweets that are sent again either daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly so you don’t have to resend a tweet that you want to repeat.

Twitter Tools to Timestamp Your Tweets

I have compiled some Twitter tools that can schedule and recur your tweets. As of this moment, these tools are free to use, others are in beta while others offer an option for upgrading.

I ranked these Twitter tools based on features they offer. Check out these tools.

#5 – Twuffer

Schedule one-time tweet whether on the next hour, day, week, or month. This tool doesn’t offer recurring tweets and you can’t edit your scheduled tweets, you can only delete them. Also, scheduling here are on exact hours only (1:00, 5:00, 10:00, etc.).

Good for those who are on vacation, temporarily can’t use twitter because of inaccessible net connection or as a reminder tool. Be cautious of using this because it’s still in beta mode.

#4 – Hootsuite

This tool also offers one-time tweet only but it’s better than Twuffer because you can edit your scheduled tweets anytime and you can set the time in 5-minute basis (1:05, 3:10, 8:55, etc.). Plus you can manage your tweets, direct messages and sent tweets on your account’s dashboard. This tool works great for birthday greetings and dated notifications.

Also, this Twitter tool is used by many large companies because of its features specifically for marketing and branding.

#3 – Socialoomph (formerly known as TweetLater)

Like Hootsuite, you can edit your scheduled tweets here anytime. You can also create a draft or copy one of your scheduled tweet that helps minimize the time of creating a new one. It also offers URL shortening in case your scheduled tweet contains a very long link.

Apart from that, this tool has a lot of other handy features that I’m currently using. This tool also offers recurring tweets but you are required to pay a fee that’s why I ranked this a notch behind Futuretweets.

#2 – FutureTweets

As its name implies, this twitter tool is built for scheduled tweets only. Timestamp your tweets at the time you want up to the exact seconds (11:23:49, for example). You can edit your scheduled tweet anytime and the great thing about this tool is you can schedule recurring tweets absolutely free.

Recur tweets either daily, weekly, monthly or even yearly. Also, this tool has a cool feature where you can flip a tweet message upside down.

#1 – Twaitter

This is my number one scheduled tweet Twitter tool and I’m currently using this. This tool has all the capabilities of the previous four tools in terms of timestamping tweets. You can schedule tweets and edit it anytime. Make a copy of tweets for easier creation of new ones.

This tool allows recurring tweets daily, weekly, monthly and yearly for free. And a great thing that this tool can do that the previous four can’t is to pause recurring tweets. This tool gives you full control of your scheduled tweets, just be cautious because its still in beta mode.

Hope this list helps you schedule your tweets.

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  1. Jason says:

    You hit it on the nose. Twaitter is definitely the best. I’ve tried them all.

  2. twitter layout says:

    Good post about Twitter. I think Twitter is going to be one of the better networks because of the fact that it is supported by so many industries. I also think when Twitter shows some of it’s new functions, returning traffic will increase to show the real growth of the network. Keep up the great work!

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