What Great Boxers Say About Manny Pacquiao

Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao‘s boxing journey has been a great inspiration to many people. Currently, he’s boxing’s pound for pound king and has been the most exciting boxer to watch in this generation.

His combination of speed and power made him a force to beat. He started his professional boxing career at only 106 pounds (light flyweight), and as he moved up from one weight to another so as his success as he captured many world boxing championships in different weight divisions.

He’s currently the International Boxing Organization (IBO) and The Ring world light welterweight champion after beating Ricky Hatton by knockout (KO) in just two rounds last May. Now, he’s moving another notch up to fight Miguel Cotto, the current World Boxing Organization (WBO) welterweight champion with the fight set to happen on November 14 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.

Many great boxers recognized Pacquiao’s greatness. “Golden Boy”, Oscar De La Hoya once stated this about Pacquiao, “His punches don’t come from your basic boxing style, they come from all sorts of weird angles. That’s what makes him difficult”. He even listed Pacquiao not only as one of the greatest fighters he has fought but the guy with the fastest hands.

When boxing correspondent Elie Seckback interviewed some great boxers about Pacquiao, here’s what they said;

Bernard Hopkins – former world middleweight champion

Sechback: “In your opinion, who’s the best pound for pound fighter today? Is there one?”

Hopkins: “Right now? Pacquiao.”

Sechback: “Hands down?”

Hopkins: “Hands down.”

Chris Arreaola – heavyweight contender

Arreaola: “Uhm. You know, Manny Pacquiao started, everybody thought it was uh, double jab right hand, double jab right hand. This guy moved from that to being the fighter he is now and you know, everything, anything is possible. If you really want it, if you really want it that bad and he did and he does. But I seen him trained and he trains like a monster but the thing about him I love most is that, everything that Freddie Roach tells him, he does. And you see it just translates in the fight, perfectly.”

Sugar Ray Leonard – captured many world titles in different divisions

Seckback: “What do you think about Manny Pacquiao, the Pacman?”

Leonard: “The Pacman. What can not be said about Pacquiao. You know, Manny is an amazing athlete, an amazing boxer. Uhm, you know without question, his heart, his desire is what makes him who is.”

When EA Sports interviewed Winky Wright (former world light middleweight champion), Sugar Ray Leonard and Lennox Lewis (former undisputed world heavyweight champion) on who’s their favorite fighter to watch right now regardless of weight class, here’s what they said;

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