Tips on Increasing Your CTR (Click-Through Rate) on Bidvertiser

Click-Through Rate or CTR is one way of measuring an online advertising campaign’s success. CTR is computed by dividing the number of users who clicked on an advertisement unit on a page over the number of times the ad was delivered (impressions).

For example, if a banner ad had 100 impressions and one person clicked on it, then the resulting Click-Through Rate (CTR) would be one (1) percent. A high CTR means that the advertisement campaign is successful because the ad is getting a lot of clicks with while having less impressions. This shows that your ads are very successful therefore resulting a lot of earnings for you.

Bidvertiser is one of the many advertising programs that webmasters use to make money online. It’s a CPC (Cost Per Click) type of program or also known as PPC (Pay Per Click). If you want some introduction and information about it, you can read my article on Making Money Online with Bidvertiser. Although some webmasters are earning big from this program, a lot are still having problems making money from it.

Three (3) main problems that most webmasters complain about Bidvertiser advertisements on their sites are;

Now, I’m going to focus about some solutions to your Bidvertiser ads’ Low CTR on this article. Here are some tips to increase your ads’ CTR resulting to better earnings for you.

Blend your Bidvertiser Ad Unit Well with your site’s Theme

Bidvertiser allows you to fully customize the look of your ad in terms of font face, size and color so better take advantage of this capability.

If you’re going to place your Bidvertiser Ad within your website’s content, make sure to blend it perfectly with the color of your text, links and background. The font face and font size of your ad must also be the same as your content. This gives your ad unit a better feel for your readers.

In case your not placing it within your content like I did, make sure to blend it with the colors of nearby elements in your page where you placed it. You can check how I blended my Bidvertiser ads within this page. By doing this, it makes the ads as naturally blended with the environment as possible.

We don’t want to make the ad units overpower the color and font format of your theme because overpowering ads are less likely to be clicked because it looks annoying.

Place your Bidvertiser Ad Unit on the Top Fold of your site’s page

Top fold is the upper part of your website’s page that is first seen when someone visits your site.

More exposure means that your ads are more likely to be clicked so avoid placing your Bidvertiser ad unit after the content or at the bottom of the page especially if Bidvertiser is your main source of income.

Most website readers don’t scroll down to bottom part of a web page unless what their reading is very interesting. Placing your ad unit on the top fold part of your site gives them enough exposure on the first page load without having to scroll down therefore increases the chances that it will be clicked.

If your site’s a blog, placing an ad unit below your content’s title is one of the best placement you can try.

Allow the Display of Image and eBay Ads

Regular visitors of your site know the placements of your ad units on your site since they drop by regularly. Seeing the same text-based ad over and over again lowers its chance to get clicked since they already know it’s an advertisement.

To avoid this, you can refresh an ad unit’s look by enabling the display of image and eBay ads. This way, you can somehow change the feel of your ad unit and make it more interesting to click because it looks fresh and new.

To do this, change your settings in your Bidvertiser ‘Preferences’ and allow to ‘Display Image Ads’ in your Bidvertiser ‘Preferences’. Also allow to ‘Display eBay Ads’ as well.

These simple tips and tricks can help you effectively monetize your website or blog with Bidvertiser. It worked for me, hope it works for you too.

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