Tips to Increase Your Earnings Per Click (EPC) on Bidvertiser

Bidvertiser is a good way to make money from your website or blog. It’s an advertising program that allows its members to earn on CPC (Cost Per Click) basis or also known as PPC (Pay Per Click). To know more about it, you can read my article on Making Money Online with Bidvertiser.

Some webmasters generate huge amount of earnings from this program while a lot are still having problems making money from it. Three (3) main problems that arises that most webmasters complain about Bidvertiser advertisements on their sites are;

On this article, I’m going to provide some solutions to your Bidvertiser ads’ Low Earnings Per Click (EPC). Increasing your EPC in Bidvertiser is not that hard to do. Simple manual tweaks can improve your earnings per click.

Manually filter and approve your Advertisers

Automatic approval is not always a good idea. Why? Because it approves every bidder on your site, a mix of high and low bidders. More often, there are lots of bidders that offer very low earnings per click so by manually approving them you are assured that you got the highest bidders appearing on your site frequently.

It’s very easy to set this up. In your ‘Preference’ option, choose to manually approve your ads. Then go to your ‘Ad Status tab’, there you can filter and approve the highest bidders that you want to appear on your site, also decline advertisers that offer very low bids.

You can also check the site of your advertisers before approving them, you don’t want someone selling cheap, prescription medications on your site, right?

Also, take in consideration what countries your site’s visitors mostly came from. By knowing this, you can select the highest bidders for that countries, this will significantly increase your earnings.

In case of geo-targeted ads, I tend to always approve them to avoid having a low advertisement inventory.

Manual approval only takes about less than five minutes to do everyday. By doing this, your highest bidders will appear more often in your ad block and protect your readers from unwanted ads.

Avoid placing too many Bidvertiser Ad Units on a single page

Remember that bidvertiser doesn’t depend on your keywords to generate ads but from the highest bidders. It means that for every ad unit on your page, the same advertisers will show up.

Visitors don’t want to check out or click the advertisers that they already visited or seen before.

To fix this, just place one to two ad units per page. In case you want to place more than two, make sure to place them away from each other.

Don’t forget to place your Bidvertiser Ad Unit on the Top Fold of your site’s page

As I’ve said before, more exposure means that your ads are more likely to be clicked. Not all of your site’s visitors scroll down your page unless your content is really interesting so avoid placing your Bidvertiser ad unit after the content or at the bottom of the page.

Placing your ad unit on the top fold increases its visibility and the chances of getting clicked by your visitors as well as your ad’s Click-Through Rate (CTR) thus producing you a lot of earnings.

Hope these simple tweaks increase your earnings on Bidvertiser.

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