Verify Your COMELEC Registration Status Online

Can you vote this coming 2010 National and Local elections in the Philippines? Is your registration status still active or not? Verifying your COMELEC (Commission on Elections) registration status is not that hard to know nowadays. You can now check your status online using COMELEC’s registration verification tool.

I am a registered Filipino voter since 2003, and successfully voted for the first time last 2004 election so I know that my registration status is still active. Just to double check my status, I used COMELEC’s online verification facility last week and found out that it’s active.

I also checked my sister’s registration status because she wasn’t able to vote last 2004 and 1998 National elections because she’s working in the US back then. Unfortunately, her status is already inactive or Deactivated so today she’s on the COMELEC office near our place to fix this.

Take note that as of now, this verification tool only works for voters who registered before June 17, 2009 according to COMELEC’s disclaimer,

Data is based on the submissions of our field election offices as of June 17 2009. If you think your registration record should be active, and this SEARCH facility gives you a negative result, please verify with the local COMELEC office where you are registered.

Pending submission of data from certain cities/municipalities, data from the 2007 Barangay Elections are still being used for this Search facility.

How to Verify the Status of Your COMELEC Registration Online?

Just follow these simple steps;

  1. Go to COMELEC’s online Precinct Finder Facility here.
  2. On the voter’s verification page, type-in your First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, and your birth’s Month, Day/Date and Year. Make sure that the details you gave are correct, then click ‘Find Now’.
  3. A web page with your registration details now loads. It contains the following information; your Firstname, Maternalname, Lastname, Birthdate, Gender, Civil Status, Address, Province, City/Municipality, Barangay, Precinct, Registration Date, Registration Status and Biometrics Info. Check out the image below.

    COMELEC Registration Verification

You only have until October 31 to register if you are a new voter or if your registration is inactive or deactivated while for those registered voters who haven’t had their biometrics captured, you can still vote in the 2010 National and Local elections according to this press release article by COMELEC.

You can also read some info on voting using a PCOS machine.

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  1. keycyru says:

    It is rare for me to discover something on the web that’s as entertaining and intriguing as what you’ve got here. Your page is lovely, your graphics are outstanding, and what’s more, you use source that are relevant to what you’re talking about.

  2. Lorenza A.Gratil says:

    Active po ba ako for voting

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