Top 10 Best Basic Firefox Add-Ons Extensions that are Essential for Everyone

I’ve been using Mozilla Firefox as my primary web browser for about three years now. Before, Internet Explorer’s my main browser but because of constant crashes and page errors, I switched to Firefox and so far it’s been the best web browser for me.

Apart from speed, security and a more user friendly interface compared to other web browsers, the open source Firefox is very flexible because it gives its users the capability to customize their browsing experience through various Add-ons like Extensions, Themes and Plugins or plug-ins, etc.

With so many Add-ons available for Firefox, trying them one by one just to know what’s worth installing take so much time. Add-on reviews like what I’m about to tell you helps a lot and saves your valuable time from exploring and testing. On this article, I’m going to focus on Firefox’s Add-on Extensions. The list you will see is based on what I use as a web user and a webmaster.

Each of the Firefox Add-Ons Extensions below is linked to the web page where Firefox users can install them. Check out what suits your needs or you can install them all if you want.

10. StumbleUpon

StumbleUponThis extension adds a StumbleUpon toolbar on your Firefox browser. This is useful for stumblers like me. Using StumbleUpon, you can discover web sites based on your interests, connect with friends and share your discoveries. You can also meet new people that have similar interests, and also check out what they are discovering. This extension makes stumbling accessible anytime since it’s already on your toolbar.

9. MeasureIt

MeasureItMeasureIt lets you draw out a ruler to measure the pixel width and height of any elements on a web page you are viewing. After installation of this extension, a small ruler icon on the bottom left part of your browser’s status bar will be visible. Click that and your browser will slightly fade out and your mouse pointer turns into a crosshair. Then click and drag on the element you want to measure. Just press the ‘Escape’ key to turn it off or click the ruler icon again.

The pixel measurements you will get using this extension is not that accurate because the measuring tool doesn’t snap on the image’s pixels. Still, I always use this because it’s one of the quickest way to measure any elements on a web page.

8. Echofon (formerly TwitterFox)

Echofon/TwitterFoxTwitter is one of the fastest growing social networking website today. They provide an easy way to share and discover what’s happening right now, anywhere in the world. A great tool to reach different types of audiences around the globe.

Integrating your Twitter account with your Firefox browser is very easy using Echofon (formerly TwitterFox) so you won’t miss a tweet again when you are online. Echofon adds an icon on your status bar that notifies you when your friends post tweets and mentions. You can also view updates in a time line and post your own tweets.

By the way, our Twitter account is @beepinoy, Follow Us!

7. Screengrab

ScreengrabThe typical way of taking screenshots goes like this; press the ‘Print Screen’ button of your keyboard to copy what you see on the whole screen you are viewing, open a photo editing software (Paint, Photoshop, etc.), paste your screen shot on a new document and save it as an image file.

If you don’t want to do all that hassles, then you can install the Screengrab extension on your Firefox browser. This tool directly saves web pages as images either to a file or a clipboard. It will capture shots of what you can see in the window, a particular frame, only a selection or even the entire web page.

6. DownThemAll

DownThemAllThis extension is not often used but very useful when you need it. DownThemAll or dTa is a powerful download manager that lets you download all the links and files such as images (jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tiff, bmp, ico, …), softwares (exe, xpi, iso, …), audio (mp3, wav, aac, …), archives (zip, rar, jar, …) and videos (mpeg, mpg, avi, mov, asf, …) contained in a web page. You can also choose to download only what you want by using their filter.

5. ColorZilla

ColorZillaBefore I came across this extension, I use Adobe Photoshop application for color picking to get its RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and Hex values (#XXXXXX). With ColorZilla, I can get a color reading (RGB and Hex values) from any point on my browser without installing or using a separate third party software. There is also a built-in palette browser that allows users to choose colors from predefined color sets and save them if they want to.

Not just that, this add-on extension is also a Page Zoomer and has a webpage DOM color and element analyzer that is very useful if you want to know various information on a website like the colors used on that page.

4. SearchStatus

SearchStatusSearch Status allows you to view the status or performance of any web site that you visit. When you browse a web page, Search Status displays information about that page such as Google PageRank, Alexa Ranking, Compete Ranking and SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank located at the lower right side of your browser’s status bar. There are also other useful SEO tools in this extension if you are a webmaster.

In case you want to install an extension that focuses on Alexa only, you can try Alexa’s official add-on for Firefox, Sparky toolbar.

3. Tabs Open Relative

Tabs Open RelativeI usually open a new web page on a ‘New Tab’ rather than ‘New Window’. Whenever you open a new tab in Firefox, it automatically places it on the right side of the last opened tab. It’s just fine if you only have a few opened tabs.

The problem arises when there are already too many tabs opened. You have to drag to the farthest right of the tab bar just to view your newly opened tab. To fix this, you can install Tabs Open Relative extension, it makes all new tabs open to the right of the current tab, rather than at the far right of the tab bar.

2. ColorfulTabs

ColorfulTabsAs I’ve said before, I like opening my web pages on tabs. Because of that, my tab bar normally has around 10 to 15 tabs on it. By default, Firefox’s tabs are all on the same color so finding the a specific tab with so many other tabs opened beside each other can be annoying.

This is where Colorful Tabs extension comes into action. This simple add-on really makes a strong appeal. Colorful Tabs add-on colors every tab differently making them easy to distinguish. You can adjust the settings to fill your needs like making tabs with the same domain on the same color and changing the fade percentage for unused or inactive tabs.

1. Xmarks (formerly Foxmarks)

Xmarks/FoxmarksXmarks or Foxmarks is a must-have Firefox add-on extension installed on your browser. This provides a practically seamless way to keep your online bookmarks and passwords (optional) synchronized and backed up between browsers on any platform. These are stored on a site that you can access from any browser anytime.

You can also set this extension to store your bookmarks and passwords on your own server. Xmarks are also available on IE (Internet Explorer) and Safari (Mac OS). This extension has other features that you want like explore.


This top 10 best Firefox Add-On Extensions list might or might not suit your browsing needs, so you may tell us the extensions not here that you feel that should belong on this list or a better one to replace what’s here. Feel free to drop some comments and arguments about your favorite extensions.

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