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Last week, I saw this ad on TV about PLDT’s new service, PLDT myDSL WatchPad. On this ad, it says that PLDT myDSL subscribers get to watch the hottest channels, movies and TV shows right on myDSL for free so a few days ago, I checked it out since our home subscribes on myDSL plan 999.

On the Watch Pad’s homepage, an ad for the Pacquiao versus Cotto fight on November 14 (15 on Manila) caught my attention. The ad says, “LIVE! FREE! NO COMMERCIAL BREAKS!… Exclusively on myView”. I got excited about this free live stream of the Pacquiao-Cotto bout so I searched the page on how to activate this service and also to find out if it’s really free to watch.

I found out that first, you need to sign-up for a WatchPad account to get a username and a password. Then download the WatchPad player from the same site and install it in your PC. After that, run the WatchPad player and sign-in using your WatchPad username and password.

To find out if it’s really free, before signing up, I read the PLDT WatchPad Terms and Conditions (can be found on a link on the bottom part of the sign-up page). As of this date, it’s stated there that,

Whenever the subscriber will access the Service, subscriber shall consent and is hereby giving full authority to PLDT to charge the monthly charges of the Service to subscribers PLDT telephone account. (At the moment, the Service is free of charge but PLDT reserves the right to impose the necessary monthly charges in the future).

Based on their terms and conditions, as of now it’s free. After signing up, I checked what services Watch Pad can offer to it’s subscribers. Here are some of them,

  • myShows – they have partnered with some local and international channels for you to watch TV shows online. As of this post, I saw 13 channels on their list such as Pinoy Box Office (PBO), CNBC, Music Television (MTV), Go Channel, Animax Mobile, CNN, GMA 7 Kapuso, Cartoon Network, National Geographic Channel, Crime & Investigation Network, History Channel, The Biography Channel, and E! Everything Entertainment.
  • myView – watch live streaming of the hottest and latest events like the upcoming Pacquiao-Cotto “Firepower” fight on November 14 (15 on Manila at 9AM).
  • myFlicks – you can watch some award winning movies.
  • myArcade – access to play some online games from
  • myLinks – you can also access some news and entertainment websites, and social networking sites like Friendster, Facebook, Multiply and Twitter

I’ve done some tests using my PLDT myDSL plan 999 first by watching some channels on myShows without opening any other web browsers. Although buffering takes a couple of minutes, I successfully watched a show with slight video pause.

When I tried watching a show and at the same time accessed some sites on myLinks, the video stream paused most of the time and the link I’m trying to access loads a bit slow. I also tried watching a TV show while an external web browser is open and the result is the same, lags most of the time.

This lag maybe because we’re only on a plan 999. We don’t have a plan on upgrading to plan 1299 or higher yet so we’ll just try to use WatchPad alone if we want to watch some live stream videos with less lag.

A major test for this service is on November 15 9AM Manila time, on the Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao versus Miguel Cotto welterweight championship fight. For sure, a lot of PLDT subscribers will swarm on WatchPad to watch the live streaming of this mega fight.

Have you also tried this service? How is it working on your system?

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  1. haha says:

    plan 999 is a plan that offers 1mbbs while the plan 1299 is a plan that offers only 768kbps. your plan is higher than plan 1299 so you must report your current speed to the pldt’s customer service.

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