Floyd Mayweather Jr. on Joe Buck Live Video Replay

PBF on Joe Buck Live. In case you missed last December 8’s Joe Buck Live episode, you can watch the video replay here courtesy of HBO. HBO Sports’ quarterly series Joe Buck Live featured Floyd “Money” Mayweather, Jr. as one of their guests during this episode with Michael Strahan.

Some of Mayweather Jr.’s notable comments about Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao during the interview, “I think Pacquiao is going to give me a good fight, but I’ve been around the sport for a long time, and I’ve been dominating the sport for 15 years. So, no one has defeated me yet. So we’ll have to see,” he said.

“Pretty Boy” Mayweather Jr. added, “The thing is, I don’t want the fans to be really shocked by what happens when we do happen to meet up, because it’s not going to be nothing new, because he’s been knocked out before, and he took a loss before.”

Here’s Floyd Mayweather, Jr. on Joe Buck Live with Michael Strahan

And here’s some highlights of the Joe Buck Live last December 8 featuring guests; Floyd Mayweather, Jr., Michael Strahan, Pedro Martinez, Brian Westbrook and Brian Urlacher.

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