Backup PC Drivers using Driver Magician Lite

PC drivers. Upon purchasing your personal computer, it consists of different hardwares attached to it. Common hardwares for running your PC and additional devices depending on your other PC needs. For these hardwares to run effectively, manufacturers provide the necessary drivers.

Usually, device drivers are saved on CD-ROMs given to you by the shop where you bought your computer. It’s necessary to keep your PC device driver CDs in a safe place because in case your PC crash, you’ll need to reinstall these drivers for your PC hardwares to run properly again.

In case you lost your device driver CDs and you don’t have a backup, you must find all the proper device drivers immediately to avoid future problems. There are some ways you can do to get copies of your drivers. You can search the internet for drivers for every hardware attached on your personal computer, this method requires some time to do because you need to make sure that the driver your downloading matches with the hardware on your computer.

Good thing there is an easier way to get backup of these drivers, you can use Driver Magician Lite. Driver Magician Lite is a freeware that searches your hard drive for all the device drivers installed on your personal computer then creates a backup copy on your preferred directory.

Although I still have my device driver CDs, I use Driver Magician Lite as an addition backup for my PC’s drivers. Driver Magician Lite is just around 1.6MB, it supports either Windows 98, SE, ME, 2000, XP, 2003, Vista, or even Windows 7. Software installation and driver backup take just a couple of minutes. You can download Driver Magician Lite here.

They also offer a Driver Magician that has more features than the Lite version but a license purchase is required.

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