Watch PinoyTV Shows Online on your Computer

Filipinos love to watch Pinoy TV shows. It’s not just a good source of current news, entertainment (like drama shows and sports) or educational topics but also a great way to bond with family members and friends. Most Filipino families have a television bonding time everyday watching their favorite pinoytv shows especially after dinner time when all the family members are at home.

Television has been one of the most effective platforms to know the current events, watch entertaining shows and learn some new stuffs here and abroad. Before, people are limited to watching pinoytv shows only if they have television units but with the technology nowadays, you can even use your desktop computers, laptops or even hand-held cellular phones to watch Pinoy TV shows as long as you can connect online.

Also, there are lots of Filipinos today working as OFWs (Overseas Filipino Workers) abroad and most of them watch pinoytv channels on their laptops online to ease their homesick feeling.

For the latest news on the events happening in the Philippines and around the world, you can watch the latest ABS-CBN news video recap here and the latest GMA news video recap here.

If you want to watch more pinoytv channels online for your favorite drama shows, comedy and sports, you can check out these external websites;,,, or if you happen to be a PLDT myDSL subscriber, you can watch live stream channel shows on PLDT myDSL WatchPad.

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