BlueVoda Website Builder Software or WordPress Program?

Some info. BlueVoda website builder is a software for creating or constructing web pages. It is a drag and drop web page maker that is easy to use and requires little or no HTML knowledge at all. It has almost all the tools you need to create a distinct website and a great thing about it is, the software is free to download here and is around 4MB only.

On the other side, WordPress is a state-of-the-art publishing platform that focuses on aesthetics, web standards, and usability. It’s a free blogging software that is, “what you use when you want to work with your blogging software, not fight it,” according to

My experience using the BlueVoda Website Builder

I used the BlueVoda website builder software a couple of years ago on a desktop wallpaper site and I can say that it’s easy to use. They have lots of free templates to choose from and they also provide tutorial videos for newbies.

Using this software, I am able to produce web pages in a matter of minutes and since this is a drag and drop web page creator, it gave me full control of the site design the way I want it.

The problem I encountered here was when I needed to change advertising codes and other codes from individual pages. Since HTML web pages were produced individually using the BlueVoda software, I needed to edit every web page that my wallpaper site had just to alter some advertising codes and other codes. It also made me stick to the original site design because if I want to change the background color of the site, I will have to change every single web pages’ color codes.

Despite this, it’s still a useful tool to start creating web pages especially if you are a beginner who don’t have much knowledge in HTML coding. I, myself learn some HTML knowledge using BlueVoda.

On using WordPress program

Right now I’m using the WordPress platform (open source project) on this blog site. Installation took me just a few minutes using cPanel’s Fantastico and I can say that WordPress is very flexible because there are thousands of plugins, widgets tools and themes to choose from that lets me update the site the way I want it anytime.

When using WordPress, just make sure that you have at least some basic HTML knowledge and be careful enough when editing some codes within your WordPress site to avoid unwanted errors.

BlueVoda Website Builder software or WordPress program?

BlueVoda Website Builder or WordPress? It really depends on what type of site you are trying to build. If you’re going to create a blog site, WordPress is my choice because of its flexibility and the ability to update anything anytime you want.

While if your just going to create a static website that only has a few pages and doesn’t require you to update regularly (like a product marketing page), then BlueVoda Website Builder is a great tool for that.

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    Hey, great blog post.

  2. Charlotte says:

    Thanks – very useful. That’s helped me make my decision.

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