Longest Annular Solar Eclipse Video of the Millennium

The rare annular solar eclipse of the millennium began on Friday and traveled its way across several African and Asian countries. Its shadow struck parts of Chad and western Central African Republic then reached Uganda, Kenya, and Somalia before crossing India, Bangladesh, Myanmar and China.

The annular solar eclipse that reduced the sun to a blazing ring surrounding a black disk has entered the record books as the longest annular eclipse for the next 1000 years based on its “annularity”, that means the time the moon is in front of the sun.

The maximum duration of “annularity” lasted for 11 minutes, eight seconds at 0706 GMT, making it “the longest annular eclipse of the 3rd Millennium,” according to NASA.

Here’s the longest annular solar eclipse video as seen on Africa with report by CBS News

Annular solar eclipse occurs when the moon only blocks the sun’s middle therefore creating a glowing ring.

The affected areas’ local media issued warnings about the dangers of looking directly at the sun so curious onlookers and spectators watched in fascination using sunglasses while other used dark camera films and even ultra-dark welding masks.

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