Tekken “Iron Fist” Movie Trailer Video

The first Tekken movie trailer video has been released recently this 2010, I had played the Tekken series of games before and I can say that this upcoming movie has a lot of martial arts fighting action involved which I think is good after watching the trailer video.

Based on the trailer, The Tekken movie follows the storyline of Jin Kazama and his purpose of entering the King of Iron Fist tournament, to avenge the death of his mother, Jun Kazama. Along the way, uncovering his dark inner self and confronting his father, Kazuya Mishima and grandfather Heihachi Mishima.

“Tekken” is actually the Japanese term for Iron Fist. I really hope that this Tekken movie trailer video is not just good on trailer but on the movie itself. As most of us experienced on the past, Video Game (VG) movies failed to satisfy what viewers really expected to see such as; video game character likeness and as much as possible related storyline.

On the trailer, I saw some of my favorite Tekken (Iron Fist) fighters, Eddy Gordo with his Capoeira fighting style and Yoshimitsu, the mystic swordsman. Their movie resemblances seem pretty good based on the clip, I just hope in the full Tekken movie too.

Watch the first Tekken movie trailer video below and give some comments about it.

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