Beckett Price Guide and Becket Experience

Beckett or Becket? Back in the 90’s when I just started collecting Basketball trading cards mostly rookie cards, I am among those young people confused whether it’s Beckett or Becket, sometimes even Beckette. I am referring to a very popular price guide magazine for Sports trading cards like baseball, football, basketball, hockey, racing, golf, etc. It’s a must have magazine for a card collector like me because most of the time card collectors based our pricing needs there when doing trade transactions.

I was a avid basketball card collector during the 90’s. I mostly collected Michael Jordan cards and rookie cards of Kevin Garnett, Kobe “The Black Mamba” Bryant, Allen “The Answer” Iverson, Tracy McGrady, Tim Duncan, etc. Apart from my basketball card collection (that I still have now), I was able to collect some “Beckett Basketball Card Monthly” magazines for my pricing reference.

“Beckett Basketball Card Monthly” magazine changed its name to “Beckett Basketball Collector”. I noticed this when my relatives in the US sent me a new magazine and an unopened box of Basketball cards way back in early 2004 (so I have some rookie cards of Lebron “The King” James, Carmelo “Melo” Anthony, Dwane “D-Wade” Wade and the other 2003 draft class. Hehehe!) as a birthday gift. When I checked its new name, it’s now called “Beckett Basketball” based on their website.

If you want to check out all Sports, you can read the Beckett Sports Card Monthly.

Nowadays with the internet becoming a regular household tool, online price guides are all over the net. Beckett offers a free membership to its website to access a number of features on but if you want access Beckett’s online price guide, you must pay a monthly subscription fee but a great thing is that you will be able to tap into a large database of prices.

If you want free online price guide reference for your sports trading cards, eBay is a good place to check what collectors are currently paying for a card, the card’s condition (also if graded or not) as well as the auction results play big part in actual pricing. has free values based eBay sales transactions of sports cards in the past week, month and all time updated daily, and for some Michael Jordan cards.

By the way, still confused about Beckett or Becket? It’s Beckett not Becket nor Beckette.

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