Tuff Stuff Free Price Guide Download in PDF

Tuff Stuff Price Guide – Tuff Stuff magazine is one of the hobby’s longest-running magazines for sports cards and figures. Tuff Stuff’s online price guide was one of my references for trading card prices a few years ago when I was an active NBA Basketball card collector. When I checked their website, it seems that the magazine has been renamed to Tuff Stuff’s Sports Collectors Monthly.

However, Tuff Stuff’s online price guide doesn’t give a complete list of every cards, it acts as a supplement to Sports Collectors Monthly magazine. The magazine already includes the latest products for every sport so when you check the online price guide, most of the prices are for the older sets.

If you want to check out the magazine, you can read the Tuff Stuffs Sports Collectors Monthly.

When I checked some basketball prices for my cards on Tuff Stuff’s free online price guide, I noticed that some players are missing, even some Jordan cards are not listed. Rookie card prices are the ones you’ll find there more often.

A great part of Tuff Stuff’s online price guide is it’s free, in contrast to Beckett Price Guide wherein a subscription is required. Beckett offers a wider range of prices than Tuff Stuff but its price values are pretty close to Beckett’s lists so Tuff Stuff’s online price guide is still a good tool for a quick free reference.

You can download their free online price guide that covers baseball, basketball, football, hockey, racing, golf, sports autographs and sports figures on their site. The price guides are PDF (Portable Document Format) files so for you to read it, you need to install an Adobe Reader, don’t worry cause it’s also free.

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