Edwin Valero beats Antonio DeMarco for 27th KO

The WBC lightweight champion from Venezuela, Edwin Valero successfully defended his belt after defeating Antonio DeMarco last Saturday night.

After nine (9) rounds of beating from Valero, the Mexican DeMarco sat in his corner and didn’t want to come out for the 10th round of their title match. DeMarco was far behind on points against the lightweight champ as Valero was eight points up on the scorecards of all three judges when the fight ended.

A few months ago, Edwin Valero KO’d Hector Velazquez. With his knockout win against DeMarco, Valero improved his record to a perfect 27 wins all were 27 knockouts (KO), a perfect Win-KO ratio.

Valero got a gash across his forehead in the second round, that came from an elbow by DeMarco that was ruled accidental. Valero needed three stitches afterward to close the wound. Despite the gash, Valero owned most of the rounds of their fight and later made DeMarco surrender by not coming out for the 10th round.

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