Lebron James and Dwight Howard McDonald’s Commercial

NBA superstars LeBron James and Dwight Howard are in the latest commercial for McDonald’s. It’s a remake of the classic Jordan-Bird McDonald’s commercial first aired more than a decade ago. The new ad debuted on the Super Bowl XLIV (44).

The classic ad featured a H-O-R-S-E jump shooting competition between the two NBA Legends. This time around, Lebron and Dwight performed a different H-O-R-S-E competion, a dunk version of it. Both James and Howard displayed their leaping ability and dunking acrobatics as they fight for the big prize, of course it’s still McDonald’s Big Mac and fries, LeBron’s lunch.

Also featured in this LeBron-Dwight McDonald’s commercial is NBA Legend Larry Bird. You can see Bird at the end of the video applauding their dunk exchange then Bird said, “Great show guys, and thanks for lunch,” then eating their McDonald’s prize. Hahaha!

Watch the James-Howard McDonald’s commercial, H-O-R-S-E dunk showdown.

Watch the classic “The Showdown”, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird McDonald’s commercial, H-O-R-S-E jump shooting competition.

What do you think is better? The classic Jordan-Bird McDonald’s commercial or the James-Howard McDonald’s commercial? I think they’re both great

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