“Iron” Mike Tyson’s dance moves on “Dancing with the Stars” Italy

Who says a heavyweight boxer can’t do the moves on the dance floor? Well, a boxing legend just did it. The weight was not a problem, not even his bulk muscle physique prevented him on gracing the dance floor.

“Iron” Mike Tyson recently appeared on Italy‚Äôs version of “Dancing with the Stars”. The hard-hitting former heavyweight champion boxer displayed his softer side as he graced the dance floor on the said show.

Mike Tyson’s dancing partner was the beautiful Elena Coniglio.

Tyson’s moves were not as smooth as the CPDRC Dancing Inmates’ “They Don’t Care About Us” and “Thriller” but his performance was good enough to impress the judges on the Italian “Dancing with the Stars”. Tyson and Coniglio danced to the music of “Save the last dance for me.”

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