How Waterfree or Waterless Urinals Work?

Have you ever felt like a Panic Attack when you’re in a situation that you need to pee when you’re outside the comfort of your home? Good thing that almost every commercial establishments nowadays have at least a toilet within for male and female. Some are clean, some smell bad while others are technologically advanced.

Male toilets usually have urinals installed. Urinals have upgraded these days. From the traditional flush urinal and trough types, more and more commercial stores or buildings are now using waterfree urinals or also known as waterless urinals.

I noticed the waterfree or waterless urinals installed on the toilet of a popular mall here in the Philippines. Comparing it from flush and trough type urinals, the waterless type has a lot of advantages and I listed some below;

  • Since it’s waterless or waterfree, it simply saves a lot of water.
  • A firm also saves money from installation costs of urinal water lines, urinal flush valves and even automatic toilet flushers since there’s no need to flush it like a flush urinal type.
  • It also saves some cost from purchasing urinal deodorizer blocks, also called as urinal cakes or urinal mints. Waterless urinals have less to no odor because the urine doesn’t mix with water (or wet surfaces producing bacteria) to produce ammonia gas. No chemical reaction means no odor.

I got curious on how the waterless urinals system works, good thing that the company name is indicated beside the urinal so when I got home, I search the net about it and found a video explanation.

Watch how water free or waterless urinals work from this video by Falcon Waterfree Technologies.

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