What RTD Means in Boxing Terms

A lot of people likes to watch boxing matches. It’s an exciting sport that involves boxers displaying their skills and styles against each other to determine who’s stronger and who’s the champion.

In the sport of boxing, we encounter some abbreviations usually for the way on how the boxer won the match against his opponent. Other abbreviations are easy to distinguish while other may take some research. I remembered my post about IMBA that’s on the gaming field.

For this post, RTD is the term that most boxing fans don’t know the meaning. I myself asked the question, what is RTD? when I read it on a boxing match result. If you’re also curious about it, here’s the meaning of RTD.

RTD means referee technical decision It is a term used in boxing when a fight ends because a fighter refuses to continue (or a fighter’s corner refuses to allow the fighter to continue) according to Wikipedia.

In other source, RTD means retired. It is a term used when the referee stops a fight after a round has been completed. He may do so using his own or the doctor’s judgment or when a fighter has indicated that he does not want to continue. RTDs are often recorded as TKOs and are included in a boxer’s knockout total according to BoxRec.

An example of this is when Edwin Valero won over Hector Velazquez by 7th Round RTD. The latter refused to come out after the 7th awarding the former with the RTD win that translated as a TKO win in his record.

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