How To Vote On May 2010 Automated Election with PCOS Machine

The May 2010 Philippine Elections is just a few weeks away and for the first time, it will be an AES that means Automated Election System.

Gone are days wherein you have to manually write the full names of each of the candidates you want to vote. Upon voting, you are given a ballot, a marking pen and a secrecy folder.

The ballot contains a list of names of all the candidates for the May 2010 Philippine Elections. Beside a candidate’s name is an oval space, you just have to use the marking pen provided to shade the oval space of your preferred candidate.

By using the Automated Election System, counting of votes will be much faster than manual system because it’s done electronically.

Votes are verified and counted right after you cast your votes using an ACM meaning Automated Counting Machine. It’s also referred as PCOS machine. PCOS means Precinct Count Optical Scan machine.

Of course before voting, make sure that you’re included in the list of active COMELEC registered voters. Verify COMELEC status now.

Here’s an educational video on how to cast your vote this upcoming May 2010 Philippine Elections with Automated Counting Machine or the PCOS machine:

You need not to be computer literate to cast your vote. Let’s hope that the PCOS machines or the Automated Counting Machines (ACM) perform well on the election day.

I hope that this info about the 2010 May Philippine Automated Election System educated you. Share this post and help educate other voters too!

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4 Comments on “How To Vote On May 2010 Automated Election with PCOS Machine”

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  1. EihdraG says:

    Thanks for the videos..I hope aside from praying that the PCOS machines do not malfunction, we should also pray for a non violent election..

    1. beepinoy says:

      Yes, let’s hope that this first Automated Philippine National Elections be a successful one.

  2. joreel says:

    yes… let’s really hope that it will go smoothly…

  3. andre r. polo says:

    its good to have these movie format info…thx

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