How To Tie A Full Windsor Knot or Double Windsor Knot

If you want to feel like the man and confidently face the job interview for your dream job, then better look good on your formal attire with a power tie knot.

The post is about the tie knot method that I often use in job interviews and formal gatherings. It’s called the Full Windsor tie knot. This is not the easiest or simplest method but it definitely looks awesome. This will give you a greater edge over others’ way of doing their tie knots.

The Full Windsor tie knot or also known as the Double Windsor tie knot is the most popular and most fashionable tie knot in the United States of America. This method forms a large triangular looking knot that works best for broad spread collars. It uses a lot of tie materials so prepare yourself for certain adjustments.

Here’s a video of the instructions on How To Tie A Full Windsor Knot or Double Windsor Knot.

This video is flipped so it’s a mirror image of what you’re doing to help you follow along. Thus, his right is your right and his left is your left.

Remember that popping-up your collar and buttoning the top button before you do the knot makes it easier to execute the steps. Also, ties are not all the same lengths, if you did a longer or shorter necktie tie knot, you can repeat the process to suit the proper length.

The Full Windsor tie knot is the most looked after or searched tie knot method in the US but it’s only the third most commonly used knot after the Four-In-Hand tie knot and the Half Windsor tie knot.

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