Simple Ways On How To Tie A Necktie

March is graduation month so male newly grads must present themselves well on this special day by wearing a formal attire that’s simply composed of a pair of leather shoes, dark-colored slacks (usually), long-sleeved polo and of course a well-presented necktie.

Most job interviews require you to look sharp and formally presentable. Pairing your long-sleeved polo with a necktie is a standard thing to look professionally well. But not every male knows how to tie a necktie.

Is it that hard to do? Not at all.

There are various ways on how to tie a necktie, some are simple while others are complex. Learn and practice the most basic method first and the other complicated ones will be easy.

Here are some Simple Ways on How to Tie a Necktie or How to Tie a Tie that I usually use. Each method has their own step by step videos that you can easily follow.

  • The simplest method for me is the Four-In-Hand tie knot. It’s also called the school-boy knot because even a kid could do it, it’s that simple. This way utilizes less necktie material.
  • The next simple method for me is the Half Windsor tie knot. It’s slightly different from the first one but this one forms a small triangular necktie knot the looks good.
  • Now, if you want to impress everyone on a formal gathering or ace that job interview for the dream job you are applying for, then better apply the Full Windsor tie knot for your necktie. This one definitely looks great.

Also, don’t forget to put that perfect necktie dimple. The technique on how to place a dimple on your tie is also included in the tutorial videos. It’s very easy to tie a necktie, isn’t it?

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